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#2522 OnAutoItStartRegister - Remarks <> Example - contradiction guinness Feature Request Documentation
#1392 OnAutoItExitRegister is causing AutoIT to crash Valik Bug AutoIt
#2105 Odd behavior Hex() Jon Bug AutoIt
#2076 Object value can't be set True trancexx Bug AutoIt
#2780 Object Check Error Bug Au3Check
#1908 ObjName returns empty string for HTMLDocument with IE9 Jon Bug AutoIt
#2512 ObjName crash Jon Bug AutoIt
#484 ObjGet failures Valik Bug AutoIt
#2309 ObjEvent on ADO.Connection not returning strings Jon Bug AutoIt
#3046 Obj/COM Reference: typos guinness Bug Future Release Documentation
#2410 Obj/COM Reference - PROPOSAL Jpm Feature Request Documentation
#2541 Obj in Loop - AutoIt3.exe ended.rc:-1073741819 Jon Bug AutoIt
#2343 Obfuscator's documentation regarding AutoIt3Wrapper Bug Documentation
#2328 Obfuscator includes with parent dir as double dots. Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#2331 Obfuscator bug with the striponly parameter. Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#118 Obfuscator ( /striponly removing GUICreate() Jos Bug Future Release Other Other
#1146 Obfuscator & OnAutoItExitRegister. Jos Bug Future Release SciTE4AutoIt Other
#3042 Number(): Remarks needs rework Jpm Bug Documentation
#1694 Number(), Fails to return proper value for int32 value range case. trancexx Bug AutoIt
#1519 Number conversion routines are inconsistent trancexx Bug AutoIt
#3268 Notepad++ not marked as "free" in Script Editors section in help file Bug Documentation
#2571 Notepad++ XML is broken guinness Bug Documentation
#997 Not-updated documentation with regard to ablibEnable. Bug Documentation
#2920 No control resizing on initially hidden window Jpm Bug AutoIt
#2192 New API...au3 include files conflict guinness Bug Standard UDFs
#236 Neutral language in helpfile Jpm Feature Request AutoIt
#256 Multiple windows and tab controls Jon Bug AutoIt
#1389 Multiple _IEAttach Use Fails Valik Bug AutoIt
#2944 MsgBox timeout not working BrewManNH Bug Documentation Other
#3009 MouseGetCursor for HAND Jon Bug AutoIt
#934 MouseGetCursor consumes left mouse clicks Jpm Bug AutoIt
#2455 Mouse Cursor not changing on resizable GUIs Jon Bug AutoIt
#384 More extensive testing of RunAs() Valik Bug AutoIt
#1588 Modified Debug functionality Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#1332 Mod funktion wrong output Valik Bug AutoIt
#1660 Mod function causes AutoIt to crash Valik Bug AutoIt
#2079 Missing quotes in go-Commandline in SciTE Jos Bug AutoIt
#1502 Missing keyword highlight on autoit3wrapper keywords. Bug Future Release SciTE4AutoIt Other
#1514 Missing _SQLite examples in v3.6.6.0 help file Jpm Bug AutoIt
#3134 Missing GetSystemMetrics Constants in WindowsConstants.au3 Jpm Bug AutoIt
#3546 Missing $MOUSE_CLICK_LEFT in help file Bug Documentation
#3069 Missing "AutoItConstants.au3" in "AutoIt Constants include files" help page Jpm Bug Documentation
#3059 Miscelaneous => Miscellaneous in Help : Typos Bug Documentation
#2223 Minor documentation correction for _WordErrorHandlerRegister guinness Bug Documentation
#1119 Minor change to Help File wording for FileWrite Jpm Feature Request AutoIt
#194 Minor SciTeConfig error Bug Future Release AutoIt Other
#2588 Menu/Statusbar location problem Jon Bug AutoIt
#1923 Memory consumption while FileOpen/FileClose Jon Bug AutoIt
#2915 Map Memory Leak Jon Bug AutoIt
#886 Make it explicit that operator == is a forced string comparison. Valik Bug AutoIt
#2468 MagicNumber + OnAutoItStartRegister - BUG ? Jpm Bug Documentation
#3031 Macro Reference > @MSEC typo water Bug Documentation
#2393 Macro Reference - System Info - Question ? Bug ? guinness Bug Documentation
#2605 Macro @ScriptLineNumber returns incorrect line Bug AutoIt
#36 MS SQL BigInt masked with 0xFFFFFF00 Valik Bug AutoIt
#1013 MDI childs doesn't adjust to parent windows client rect Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1617 Lockup: failed GuiCreate + undeleted window. Jpm Bug AutoIt
#810 Local or Global declarations can ignore OnAutoItExit function Bug AutoIt
#1954 ListViewItem returns 0 (failure) even though it populates the ListView Jon Bug AutoIt
#1479 ListView WM_NOTIFY Message on x64 Returning Wrong Results Jpm Bug AutoIt
#916 Line inversion in INet.au3 Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#185 Limit of GUI Controls -> (eat up CPU) Jon Bug AutoIt
#615 License needs fixed Valik Bug AutoIt
#1094 Left Shift stays down Jpm Bug AutoIt
#2411 Keyword/Statement Reference - PROPOSAL guinness Feature Request Documentation
#2421 Keyword/Statement Reference - BUG - empty list/table guinness Bug Documentation
#2854 Keyword Reference Jpm Bug Documentation
#1777 Issues with Security.au3 Bug AutoIt
#1883 IsHWnd(), Return Value. (Nitpick: Value = Bool) Jon Bug AutoIt
#885 Investigate why Default compares true to False Valik Bug AutoIt
#1744 Invalid links in help file history.htm. Jpm Bug Documentation
#1436 Invalid helpfile/example '_INetGetSource.au3' Valik Bug Documentation
#3693 Invalid File on downloads page Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#1241 Invalid MsgBox flag cause exit without warning Bug AutoIt
#3040 Int() typos in Remarks Jpm Bug Documentation
#2115 Installer/Uninstaller issues Bug AutoIt
#358 Install Directory Structure --> no ANSI versions Jon Bug Documentation
#1074 InputBox left positional reference not working correctly Jpm Bug AutoIt
#145 IniWrite() and whitespaces Valik Bug AutoIt
#43 IniReadSectionNames returning incorrect number of sections (extra blank section) Bug AutoIt
#3099 IniRead typo Melba23 Bug AutoIt
#1380 Inform user of required parameters in _Timer_Settimer() Jpm Feature Request Documentation
#779 Infinite Loop On Exit Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1731 Inetget / Inetgetinfo / Inetclose helpfile contains grammar error Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1049 InetRead() inserts arbitrary \0 characters. Valik Bug AutoIt
#1458 InetGetSize() only supports 32bit sizes Valik Bug AutoIt
#854 InetGetSize Bug AutoIt
#983 InetGet* functions failing under XP SP2 Valik Bug AutoIt
#976 InetGet with more than 2 params fails Au3Check Bug Other
#1688 InetGet help file typo Bug Documentation
#2203 InetGet Help Example (inetget.au3) guinness Bug AutoIt
#1036 InetClose and InetGetInfo error in compiled script (not in uncompiled script) Valik Bug AutoIt
#2374 Incorrect return values for up to 4 UDFs guinness Bug Standard UDFs
#3257 Incorrect format in AutoIt Help File Melba23 Bug Documentation
#1059 Incorrect error handling in _FileListToArray() Jpm Bug AutoIt
#3657 Incorrect behaviour while using _GUICtrlListView_SimpleSort when no items are selected Melba23 Bug AutoIt
#963 Incorrect Sound.au3 Help file entries Jpm Bug Documentation
#2707 Incorrect GUI client size Bug AutoIt
#2171 Inconsistent delay for TCPTimeout option Jpm Bug AutoIt
#3092 Inconsistent default style of Updown control guinness Bug Future Release Documentation
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