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Ticket Summary Owner Type Milestone Component Version
#2176 DllCallbackRegister crash on x64 trancexx Bug AutoIt
#1498 #RequireAdmin causes script to not complete/run when UAC is turned off and user has normal privileges trancexx Bug AutoIt
#1759 Strange listview sort trancexx Bug Standard UDFs
#1861 _ArrayDisplay: Bug when data contains separator and $sHeader is used guinness Bug Standard UDFs
#1901 Compiled 32bit scripts not working in system32 path on 64bit OS Valik Bug AutoIt
#1996 _GUICtrlListView_SimpleSort - no sort ItemParam guinness Bug Standard UDFs
#2062 Example text _IEFormElementGetCollection guinness Bug Standard UDFs
#2148 Crash with _GUICtrlListBox_InsertString() guinness Bug Standard UDFs
#2157 ProcessList() crashes on Windows Terminal Server Win2k8-R2 Valik Bug AutoIt
#2163 _ExcelBookClose dont work correctly on _ExcelBookAttach on more than one opened wokdbook water Bug Standard UDFs
#2166 StringToASCIIArray() incorrect handling of parameter Valik Bug AutoIt
#2185 32-bit scripts in system32 on 64-bit Windows probably fail when using FileInstall() Bug AutoIt
#2186 WinNet UDF - AddConnection Functions - Help File Issue guinness Bug Documentation
#2192 New API...au3 include files conflict guinness Bug Standard UDFs
#2196 Documentation - FTPEx.au3 - Syntax Highlighting guinness Bug Documentation
#2199 _ExcelSheetAddNew() abends if specified sheet already exists water Bug Standard UDFs
#2203 InetGet Help Example (inetget.au3) guinness Bug AutoIt
#2204 Scite ignores parameters Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#2215 Wrong(?) syntax check of default parameter value with array variable trancexx Bug AutoIt
#2218 AutoIt crash when using SetGroupInfo with $LVGS_SELECTED state before SetItemGroupID guinness Bug Standard UDFs
#2219 _ExcelReadSheetToArray() fix and upgrade guinness Bug Standard UDFs
#2222 Cyrillic names of COM object / methods trancexx Bug AutoIt
#2223 Minor documentation correction for _WordErrorHandlerRegister guinness Bug Documentation
#2235 if process not exist,ProcessGetStats will not return 0. Valik Bug AutoIt
#2242 _FileWriteFromArray is incapable of writing only the zeroth element guinness Bug Standard UDFs
#2247 Documentation needs change for @Desktop macros trancexx Bug Documentation
#2252 _GUICtrlListView_DeleteAllItems Bug guinness Bug Standard UDFs
#2253 Ping returns success with no connection trancexx Bug AutoIt
#2262 _Net_Share_ConnectionEnum help file issue guinness Bug Documentation
#2268 _StringReverse() guinness Bug AutoIt
#2295 Help on ObjGet guinness Feature Request Documentation
#2298 Error in _WinAPI_EnumDisplayDevices guinness Bug Standard UDFs
#2305 _ScreenCapture_Capture() - Width & Heigth wrong guinness Bug Standard UDFs
#2326 Cancel not detected in _WinAPI_GetSaveFileName() Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#2335 __WinAPI_EnumWindowsChild() creates results in wrong sequence Jpm Bug AutoIt
#2337 Au3Record: Unicode and endianness Jpm Bug Other
#1698 GUICtrlSetLimit, limit 32767 Jon Bug AutoIt
#2320 _IENavigate return values guinness Bug Standard UDFs
#2286 GuiCtrtlGetState without a controlID parameter runs but aborts AutoIt Jon Bug AutoIt
#2350 Strange issue when using $SS_ETCHEDVERT and $SS_ETCHEDHORZ Jon Bug AutoIt
#2311 Wrong handling of casesense parameter in StringReplace Jon Bug AutoIt
#2361 RegRead doesn't read REG_QWORD values Jon Bug AutoIt Other
#2362 ControlGetText, WinGetTitle sometimes reads ANSI as Wide Jon Bug AutoIt
#1667 WinMove, Child-Window, Default. Jon Bug AutoIt
#2075 GUICtrlSetImage changes icon position on resizable window Jon Bug AutoIt
#2371 _PathSplit with relative Paths guinness Bug Standard UDFs Other
#2374 Incorrect return values for up to 4 UDFs guinness Bug Standard UDFs
#1024 GUICtrlSetTip for tabitems sets incorrectly in certain situations Jon Bug AutoIt
#2378 BITMAPV4HEADER and BITMAPV5HEADER Structures incorrect guinness Bug Standard UDFs
#2366 For loop not working as expected Jon Bug AutoIt
#2367 beta regression on retrieving twice same $oIE.document Jon Bug AutoIt
#2384 UDPRecv() and TCPRecv() not setting @error correctly in some instances. Jon Bug AutoIt
#2386 Helpfile Issue guinness Bug Documentation
#2387 FileOpen - parameters description - Filename of the text file to open. FireFox Bug Documentation
#2390 _DateToDayValue - ReturnValue - proposal guinness Bug Documentation
#2395 _Date_Time_GetSystemTimeAdjustment - missed and unwanted Chars guinness Bug Documentation
#2404 Collection of minor helpfile typos. guinness Bug Documentation
#2406 _ArraySearch - PROPOSAL and Question guinness Feature Request Documentation
#2411 Keyword/Statement Reference - PROPOSAL guinness Feature Request Documentation
#2417 Built help file errors guinness Bug Documentation
#2314 Cursor Flicker - Control Jon Bug AutoIt
#2393 Macro Reference - System Info - Question ? Bug ? guinness Bug Documentation
#2405 Possible issue with FileGetVersion. Jon Bug AutoIt
#2421 Keyword/Statement Reference - BUG - empty list/table guinness Bug Documentation
#2425 A few more minor helpfile annoyances. guinness Bug Documentation
#2432 $tagREBARBANDINFO in StructureConstants.au3 Mat Bug Standard UDFs
#2439 SplashImageOn - Bug - Parameters description guinness Bug Documentation
#1870 @GUI_DRAGFILE Jon Bug AutoIt
#1954 ListViewItem returns 0 (failure) even though it populates the ListView Jon Bug AutoIt
#2066 bad dllStructSetData return for int Jon Bug AutoIt
#2105 Odd behavior Hex() Jon Bug AutoIt
#2152 X^2 Not Working in Hex() Jon Bug AutoIt
#2299 GUI Button Text Left-Justify Bug Jon Bug AutoIt
#2410 Obj/COM Reference - PROPOSAL Jpm Feature Request Documentation
#2427 ControlTreeView - option2 ?? Jpm Bug Documentation Other
#2455 Mouse Cursor not changing on resizable GUIs Jon Bug AutoIt
#2167 $WS_EX_LAYOUTRTL and GUICtrlCreateMenu causes bug Jon Bug AutoIt
#2171 Inconsistent delay for TCPTimeout option Jpm Bug AutoIt
#2315 Server 2012 @OSVersion not correct Jpm Bug AutoIt
#2459 _StringBetween Jpm Bug Documentation
#2460 _StringBetween bug when $sStart = $sEnd Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#2461 GUICtrlSetImage doesn't handle certain types of .gif file Jon Bug AutoIt
#2464 Select...Case...EndSelect - syntax - bug ?? guinness Bug Documentation
#2465 in _IEPropertyGet - out of date links in "ClientInfo Properties" Jpm Bug Documentation
#2468 MagicNumber + OnAutoItStartRegister - BUG ? Jpm Bug Documentation
#2474 Dim / Global / Local / Const - syntax - BUG ? guinness Bug Documentation Other
#2486 _GUICtrlRichEdit_GetFont does not return an empty string for mixed fonts Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#2492 _GUICtrlToolbar_ - issue for 6 doc files Jpm Bug Documentation Other
#2493 Examples for _GUICtrlToolbar_GetMetrics, _GUICtrlToolbar_SetMetrics Jpm Bug Documentation
#2494 Example _GUICtrlToolbar_SetHotItem Jpm Bug Documentation
#2519 AutoIt3Help.exe opens help file to wrong page Jos Feature Request Documentation
#2520 UPX 3.91 Feature Request AutoIt
#2521 _IEFormElementSetValue[5].au3 Jpm Feature Request Documentation
#2522 OnAutoItStartRegister - Remarks <> Example - contradiction guinness Feature Request Documentation
#2518 Static evaluates incorrect Jon Bug AutoIt
#2530 simplecalc.htm - broken link to ..... guimsgbox/guimsgbox.htm Jpm Bug Documentation
#2532 Proposed amendments to the 6 files Jpm Feature Request Documentation
#2539 _ArrayUnique - parameter - $iCase - clarification Jpm Feature Request Documentation
#2541 Obj in Loop - AutoIt3.exe ended.rc:-1073741819 Jon Bug AutoIt
#2550 _GUICtrlComboBox_GetEditText Melba23 Bug Standard UDFs
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