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Ticket Summary Owner Type Milestone Component Version
#285 UDF Misc - _ChoosColor broken with Autoit Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#1951 UDF _SQLite_SQLiteExe debug flag is not specified guinness Bug Documentation
#809 UDF _SoundPlay doesn't work with filenames as 1st parameter Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1033 UDF's missing @error checks after DLLCalls() Valik Bug AutoIt
#2060 UDFs Documentation issues guinness Bug Documentation
#2614 UDPBind Socket aArray is needed by UDPRecv (not UDPSend) guinness Bug Documentation
#867 UDPRecv no longer gives the sender IP Jpm Bug AutoIt
#2384 UDPRecv() and TCPRecv() not setting @error correctly in some instances. Jon Bug AutoIt
#2520 UPX 3.91 Feature Request AutoIt
#3087 UTF problem with _GUICtrlRichEdit_StreamFromFile in Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#2639 Unable to Copy/Paste from Embedded IE object Jon Bug AutoIt
#1754 Undocumented $sBasePath in _PathFull UDF Jpm Bug Documentation
#1285 Unexpected result when using BitShift Valik Bug AutoIt
#1272 Uninstall, beta, file WinAPIError.au3 still standing. Valik Bug AutoIt
#1932 Uninstaller, windows-register, App Paths. (+beta) Jon Bug AutoIt
#1339 Update helpfile translations links Bug Documentation Other
#3077 Update online beta documentation Bug Documentation
#583 Using @MSEC produces an error Valik Bug AutoIt
#2955 Using Is### breaks Maps passed ByRef Jon Bug AutoIt
#1410 Using Pointer type with COM-object throws error. Jon Bug AutoIt
#1505 Variable not declared in IE.au3 Jpm Bug AutoIt
#3132 Version Au3.3.14.2 in Track Feature Request Other
#1105 Vertical Button, Double Label When Disabled Jpm Bug AutoIt
#438 Vista 64: ProgramDir Bug Future Release Documentation
#1852 WEBSITE: doesn't load in Firefox or Safari Bug Other Other
#2820 WIN(all) handle bug Jon Bug AutoIt Other
#366 Weird crashing bug Jpm Bug AutoIt
#990 Wiki thumbnail creator broken Jon Bug Future Release Other Other
#2690 Win..... Return Value Proposal. guinness Feature Request Documentation
#517 WinAPI UDF - bad error checking after DllCall() Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#610 WinAPI.au3 _WinAPI_CreateFile() does not return 0 on failure as specified in beta help Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#2917 WinAPI_AddMRUString crashes on x64 Jpm Bug AutoIt
#2396 WinActivate - Remarks - PROPOSAL Feature Request Documentation
#2899 WinGetHandle("LAST") : document unclear and @error bug Jon Bug AutoIt
#1294 WinGetTitle freezes script when reading the title of a suspended/hanged process Jon Bug AutoIt
#709 WinGetTitle() returning '[SOH]' character, instead of title of target window. Bug AutoIt
#1282 WinMove results in unespected resizing behavior of controls Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1667 WinMove, Child-Window, Default. Jon Bug AutoIt
#2186 WinNet UDF - AddConnection Functions - Help File Issue guinness Bug Documentation
#562 WinWait and similar functions fails if in TITLE parameter there is form caption and after that CLASS name description (in that order) Valik Bug AutoIt
#974 WindowFromPoint API function tagPoint structure on x64 based systems Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#116 Windows menu bug Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1531 Windows textcolor not honored by Inputbox, Edit-, List- and Combo-Control Jpm Bug AutoIt
#2048 WindowsConstants containing invalid variables guinness Bug Standard UDFs
#2789 With EndWith parameter issue Jon Bug AutoIt
#860 With...EndWith is not a loop Jpm Bug Documentation
#230 Wrong GuiCtrlSetResizing after ControlMove in GUIs with Menus Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1177 Wrong Return values _GUICtrlComboBoxEx_GetCurSel Jpm Bug Documentation
#1068 Wrong converting Binary to Int/Number Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1445 Wrong description for _MemGlobalFree() Jon Bug Documentation
#1378 Wrong error handling in _Date_Time_SetLocalTime Jpm Bug AutoIt
#46 Wrong example _ArrayTrim in help Gary Bug Documentation
#2311 Wrong handling of casesense parameter in StringReplace Jon Bug AutoIt
#519 Wrong parameters in help file for GUICtrlSetDefBkColor Jpm Bug Documentation
#1323 Wrong size of some types in DllStructCreate() Valik Bug Documentation
#2215 Wrong(?) syntax check of default parameter value with array variable trancexx Bug AutoIt
#2152 X^2 Not Working in Hex() Jon Bug AutoIt
#239 [Minor] Typo in FIle.au3 Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#2721 _Array... - proposal guinness Feature Request Documentation
#2699 _ArrayAdd $hDataType not documented Jpm Bug Documentation
#3587 _ArrayAdd - do not add Bug AutoIt
#2698 _ArrayAdd return wrong index Melba23 Bug AutoIt
#2720 _ArrayBinarySearch - Wrong Description Bug Documentation
#533 _ArrayBinarySearch allows multi-dimension array when it shouldn't Gary Bug AutoIt
#2565 _ArrayCombinations - UDF ? DOC example ? - never ending loop Bug Standard UDFs
#1438 _ArrayCombinations bug Valik Bug Standard UDFs
#924 _ArrayDelete removes last entry when element beyond Ubound is specified Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1891 _ArrayDisplay (......,i$iTranspose,...) wrong description ? Jon Bug Documentation Other
#951 _ArrayDisplay - $iLVIAddUDFThreshold: 4000 ==> 65000 Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#2537 _ArrayDisplay - $sHeader - proposal Feature Request Documentation
#958 _ArrayDisplay - bad centering of window after adjust its width Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#3637 _ArrayDisplay : error when Array is empty and Range parameter exists Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#3094 _ArrayDisplay bug with Range "N:" Melba23 Bug Standard UDFs
#2619 _ArrayDisplay does not show the presence of data in the cells, if their size exceeds a certain threshold Melba23 Bug Standard UDFs
#2170 _ArrayDisplay fails handling arrays with no elements guinness Bug Standard UDFs
#2088 _ArrayDisplay not handling Default parameters correctly trancexx Bug Standard UDFs
#979 _ArrayDisplay() - just old/incorrect syntax in header comment Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#2911 _ArrayDisplay() GUI controls have wrong coords Bug Standard UDFs
#1861 _ArrayDisplay: Bug when data contains separator and $sHeader is used guinness Bug Standard UDFs
#2791 _ArrayExtract Issues Melba23 Bug AutoIt
#2824 _ArrayExtract bugged + solution Bug Standard UDFs
#3273 _ArrayExtract: Error return value description BrewManNH Bug Documentation
#2921 _ArrayFindAll compares using a regular expression BrewManNH Bug Documentation
#3755 _ArrayInsert fails with Error 3 when the Insert Positions parameter is a delimited string Melba23 Bug Standard UDFs
#166 _ArrayMax() runs on invalid array. Jos Bug AutoIt
#2803 _ArrayMaxIndex _ArrayMinIndex @error on single element array guinness Bug Standard UDFs
#3699 _ArrayMin, _ArrayMinIndex, _ArrayMax, _ArrayMaxIndex: example scripts Jpm Bug Documentation
#2758 _ArrayPermute cannot handle multi-symbol delimiters Jpm Bug Standard UDFs Other
#2406 _ArraySearch - PROPOSAL and Question guinness Feature Request Documentation
#1140 _ArraySearch return 0 (if $avArray is not a 1 dimensional array) Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#1381 _ArraySearch subindex default doesn't match definition Valik Bug Documentation
#259 _ArraySort UDF not returning 1 on succes, Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#3052 _ArraySort doc needs further clarification for 2D Jpm Bug Documentation
#2957 _ArraySort: help needs meaning of defaults and 2D Melba23 Bug Documentation
#3586 _ArraySwap, error in description of parameter $bCol Jon Bug Documentation
#3716 _ArrayToClip incorrect in autoit help Jpm Bug Documentation
#260 _ArrayToString, Return Value, Success: 1 Jpm Bug Documentation
#3728 _ArrayTranspose does not create 1D array from 2D array Melba23 Bug Standard UDFs
#2701 _ArrayTranspose() - Bug in Func or in Doc Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#752 _ArrayUnique Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
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