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#1100 ControlCommand not getting state of check box in .NET controls Bug AutoIt
#1281 ControlClick() Bug AutoIt
#158 ControlClick not working on some Vista windows. Bug AutoIt
#2307 ControlClick - Incorrect description of the function parameters Bug Documentation
#1195 Control key sticks down when using HotKeySet i.e. Cntl d Bug AutoIt
#1705 Control Resizing before WinMove Bug AutoIt
#1390 ControListView causes Microsoft Management Console to crash (32bit/64bit problem). Bug Aut2Exe
#151 Constant redeclaration bug Bug AutoIt
#356 ConsoleWrite not working on Vista. Bug AutoIt
#3096 Confusing error message when initializing default argument with undeclared variable Bug AutoIt
#1108 Compiling Error Bug Aut2Exe
#398 Compiles Scripts won't run with Config of exact same name Bug AutoIt
#348 Compiler complains that $STDERR_MERGED is undefined global variable Bug AutoIt
#647 Compiler Parsing Bug AutoIt
#1732 Compiled script gets terminated when running interactively under SYSTEM account and user logs off Jon Bug AutoIt
#2144 Compiled script does not open with FILE_SHARE_DELETE Bug AutoIt
#851 Compile Script - UPX.exe error Bug Aut2Exe
#1394 Comodo Internet Security reports dangerous program Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#2134 Combobox style $CBS_UPPERCASE produces undesired results Bug AutoIt
#711 Combobox functions does not work properly or even at all, on Windows 2000 & NT 4.0 Bug AutoIt
#633 ComboBox doesn't open list of entries at Win2k, XP is working ok Bug AutoIt
#1532 ComboBox custom height not retained after window minimize Bug AutoIt
#1314 ColorMode (Option) problem Bug Documentation
#3244 Codewizard.au3 Icon Fix poposal for Messagebox Tab and Tooltip Tab Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#3569 CmdLine parameter charset Bug AutoIt
#184 Child window must use GUICtrlSetTip() if the parent uses it too Bug AutoIt
#409 Checkbox check goes to Select Case while not programmed to do so Bug AutoIt
#1069 Check _PathSplit Function. Bug AutoIt
#3241 Cheap_Links defect AutoIt
#417 Changing function parameters on a function call Bug AutoIt
#1637 Certain charactered missed by StringRegExp() and the replace Bug AutoIt
#1098 Case logical bug Bug AutoIt
#150 Can´t open hidden file Bug AutoIt
#2228 Cant post ?? Bug AutoIt
#1740 Cannot send Period (ASC 046) when using Italian OS Bug AutoIt
#312 Cannot create dynamic arrays $foo[$bar] Bug AutoIt
#822 Can't find out if item in folder option is checked or not Bug AutoIt
#3557 Can't concatenate other strings to BinaryToString Bug AutoIt
#3523 Can't access array with _WM_COMMAND Bug Other
#3595 Call("Ubound", $array) crashes if $array is empty Bug AutoIt
#2832 Call (["CallArgArray", ...]) doesn't modify ByRef arguments Feature Request AutoIt
#940 CPUArch macro is returning wrong processor architecture Bug AutoIt
#3242 Buy_Backlinks defect AutoIt
#1524 Bug: Helpfile INetGet return value Bug AutoIt
#3640 Bug sound Windows 10 x64 with Scite Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#2754 Bug in guiSetState( @SW_RESTORE, $gui ) .... Bug AutoIt
#833 Bug in function DllOpen () Bug AutoIt
#1701 Bug in date control Bug AutoIt
#675 Bug in _Date_Time_CompareFileTime Bug AutoIt
#745 Bug in INIReadSection function Bug AutoIt
#1301 Bug InetGetSize through a proxy Bug AutoIt
#3002 Bug - _DateAdd('s', 1, '1970/01/01') Returns '1970/01/01' Bug Standard UDFs
#2388 Broken links in History Bug Documentation
#146 Boolean numeric conversion Bug AutoIt
#1726 BlockInput(1) does not work on win7 Bug AutoIt
#2691 Bitshift is returning incorect results Bug AutoIt
#319 BitOR gives error Bug AutoIt
#1853 BinaryLen of hex expression computed string long Bug AutoIt
#534 Binary() is ****ed up Bug AutoIt
#3173 Beta Helpfile won't launch if Stable Helpfile is open and vice versa Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#789 Avast! make virus alert when converting even an completely empty script into exe. Bug Aut2Exe
#543 Autoit does not automate high res mouse motion correctly. Bug AutoIt
#2865 Autoit crash with NodeList on For In loop Bug AutoIt
#502 Autoit adds 0.09999999997 instead of 0.01 Bug AutoIt
#696 Autoit Vista 64bit Bug AutoIt
#2776 AutoItX: ControlFocus with Handle doesn't work Jon Bug AutoItX
#3025 AutoItTools.lua Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#1812 AutoItSetOption("MustDeclareVars",1) not working fully Bug AutoIt
#1432 AutoIt3_x64.exe - GUIRegisterMsg($WM_NOTIFY, "MY_WM_NOTIFY") Bug AutoIt
#217 AutoIt3Wrapper_Gui Bug Bug Other
#3706 AutoIt3.exe /ErrorStdOut should output filename without quotes Bug AutoIt
#1268 AutoIt3 and _ExcelBookClose($oExcel) Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#1447 AutoIt timesout on winwait when run by Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2008 Bug AutoIt
#2870 AutoIt send key combinations do not work sometimes Bug AutoIt
#570 AutoIt problems handling filenames with two or more consecutive dollar signs Bug AutoIt
#2491 AutoIt doesn't functions properly Bug AutoIt
#1404 AutoIt creates trojan infected exe files. Bug Aut2Exe
#1847 AutoIt cannot control QuoteTracker Bug AutoIt
#3032 AutoIt allows nonsense preceding expression Bug AutoIt
#1779 AutoIt Include Files Missing Includes? Bug AutoIt Other
#2819 AutoIt HardCrash with ObjCreate and GUICtrlCreateObj Bug AutoIt
#3102 AutoIt Crashes when reading an empty cell comment Bug AutoIt
#3651 AutoIT3 Wrapper error after installing new version Bug AutoIt
#3583 AutoIT Window Info (64) produces incorrect position numbers Bug AutoIt
#590 AutoIT Script corrupting file names in script directory Bug AutoIt
#157 AutoIT Info does not see all controlls in windows Vista Bug Au3Info
#207 Auto Propercase in Comments Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt Other
#353 Aut2exe adding weird blank icons to compiled apps Bug Aut2Exe
#3183 Aut2Exe: Exe won't run "Unable to open the script file" (with Aut2Exe_x64.exe it works) Bug Aut2Exe
#3497 Aut2Exe fails when run from SciTE Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#191 Aut2Exe adds aditional empty icon into EXE Bug Aut2Exe
#3062 AuCheck didn't catch ' without & Bug AutoIt
#2867 Au3Stripper /rsln replaces wrong @ScriptLineNumber in function parameter default value Bug Other Other
#2121 Au3Record creates incorrect function of WinWaitActivate Bug AutoIt
#3307 Au3Info reports not useful mouse coordinates Bug Au3Info
#433 Au3Check unexpected behaviour Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#278 Au3Check reporting syntax errors on dictionary object. Bug Other Other
#1750 Au3Check misrepresents undefined Call as critical Jos Bug Au3Check
#3521 Au3Check is not able to recognize Global variables declared inside functions if the variables are used above the function declaration Bug Au3Check
#2081 Au3 Recoreder Jos Bug AutoIt
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