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#698 RunAs/RunAsWait Bug - Blank Passwords Bug AutoIt
#727 Optional parameter not declared when func called via OnEventMode Bug AutoIt
#675 Bug in _Date_Time_CompareFileTime Bug AutoIt
#647 Compiler Parsing Bug AutoIt
#651 FileFindFirstFile FileFindNextFile _FileListToArray not support mulit-byte folder name Bug AutoIt
#547 WinGetHandle and WinGetTitle under Vista Bug AutoIt
#553 _ArrayDisplay() has another problem if using literal pipes in the array Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#573 Random ($min, $max) when $min = $max Bug AutoIt
#471 Typo error in Helpfile _Excel* examples Bug AutoIt
#409 Checkbox check goes to Select Case while not programmed to do so Bug AutoIt
#417 Changing function parameters on a function call Bug AutoIt
#398 Compiles Scripts won't run with Config of exact same name Bug AutoIt
#404 the time of the Sleep() command is vague Bug AutoIt
#452 virus found in v3.2.12.1 released (12th June, 2008) Bug AutoIt
#479 soundplay don't work always Bug AutoIt
#514 StdoutRead seems broken on latest public & beta Bug AutoIt
#520 WMI SwbemRefresher Object used in a loop has memory leak Bug AutoIt
#557 InputBox: Left & Top 'Default' keyword not working. Bug AutoIt
#559 FileCopy does not work when there is a file exist with the same name of the "dest dir" Bug AutoIt
#580 ControlListView - Get Text under SysListView32 Bug AutoIt
#627 Using a re-sizable GUI and _GUICtrlStatusBar_EmbedControl cause AutoIt to hard-crash. Bug AutoIt
#633 ComboBox doesn't open list of entries at Win2k, XP is working ok Bug AutoIt
#636 StdoutRead function seems to now miss data on public and beta releases Bug AutoIt
#637 StdoutRead function seems to now miss data on public and beta releases Bug AutoIt
#638 StdoutRead function returns null character mid string in default text mode Bug AutoIt
#652 _FileListToArray() does not returnarray if no file s found Bug AutoIt
#653 _WinAPI_GetModuleHandle Bug AutoIt
#657 _IECreate brings up Outlook Express instead of Internet Explorer Bug AutoIt
#662 ListView setting $LVS_EX_FLATSB flattens header only instead of scrollbars Bug AutoIt
#664 SciTE Magnifying (Zooming) doesn't properly update horizontal scrollbar Bug AutoIt
#665 _GUICtrlListView_SetColumnWidth et al. lack proper typecasting in GUICtrlSendMsg Bug AutoIt
#670 Listviews with checkboxes doesn't work "properly" my opinion Bug AutoIt
#676 autoit(exe) exiting when reciving audio from www with bass.dll Bug AutoIt
#678 MAX_LINESIZE confine arrays Bug AutoIt
#680 Listview and image background problem Jon Bug AutoIt
#683 Setting new text with _GUICtrlTab_SetItemText Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#687 @Unicode Bug Documentation
#689 @DesktopDir macro introduces unwanted characters at times. Bug AutoIt
#690 Problems with Run and chkdsk Valik Bug AutoIt
#691 Not equal <> condition with OR gives wrong result Bug AutoIt
#695 FileMove returns an error code of 0 for failure AND for success Bug AutoIt
#696 Autoit Vista 64bit Bug AutoIt
#704 _GUICtrlTab_ClickTab() function does not always click on tab button Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#711 Combobox functions does not work properly or even at all, on Windows 2000 & NT 4.0 Bug AutoIt
#715 Math error Bug AutoIt
#716 decimal subtraction bug Bug AutoIt
#720 more GUICtrlCreateGraphic()/GUICtrlSetGraphic($GUI_GR_LINE) - repainting problem Bug AutoIt
#721 _Atan2() returns wrong Bug AutoIt
#723 Structure problem Bug AutoIt
#725 How to Search a Text in a Screen Capture from AutoIT Bug AutoIt
#726 Statusbar not visible in a window created with $ws_popup and with a menu Bug AutoIt
#735 Resizing GUI after _GUICtrlStatusBar_EmbedControl() causes control to disappear Bug AutoIt
#738 Unable to match uTorrent setup "Title" and "Visible Text" Bug AutoIt
#741 RegRead on Win XP x64 is not Working. Jon Bug AutoIt
#745 Bug in INIReadSection function Bug AutoIt
#753 @ScriptDir does contain a trailing backslash on drive root. Bug AutoIt
#760 Regular expression; NUL character in \x## Bug AutoIt
#761 Scite issue: is this the correct spot? Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#776 $LVM_GETITEM missing in ListViewConstants.au3 Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#778 EnvGet("PROCCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE") reports x86 on 64 bit OS Bug AutoIt
#801 Run/RunWait path bug Bug AutoIt
#1171 FileDelete *.* stops on undeletable file Bug AutoIt
#399 Advanced Mode with GuiCtrlRead for Context Menu Bug AutoIt
#286 _GUICtrlReBar_AddBand() UDF: controls move off rebar bands after beta Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#293 using CLASS and TEXT together... Bug AutoIt
#296 Random(1, 1, 1) Bug AutoIt
#300 to jon, "using CLASS and TEXT together..." Bug AutoIt
#301 to, Valik Bug AutoIt
#302 to, Valik 2 Bug AutoIt
#304 subtract of @MIN results in negative value Bug AutoIt
#306 Wrong Error message when a variable is not an array Bug AutoIt
#308 Controls embedded in statusbar lose theire position if GUI is minimised and then restored. Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#312 Cannot create dynamic arrays $foo[$bar] Bug AutoIt
#313 DirMove on same volume Bug AutoIt
#314 FileCreateShortcut cannot create for non-existing Universal Naming Path Jon Bug AutoIt
#315 GUICtrlSetOnEvent() doesn't work if there are too many controls on one form Bug AutoIt
#317 ShellExecute/ShellExecuteRun verb-keyword "run" missing in helpfile. Bug AutoIt
#319 BitOR gives error Bug AutoIt
#330 ControlSend Bug? Bug AutoIt
#348 Compiler complains that $STDERR_MERGED is undefined global variable Bug AutoIt
#353 Aut2exe adding weird blank icons to compiled apps Bug Aut2Exe
#356 ConsoleWrite not working on Vista. Bug AutoIt
#363 UDF Func Declaration & #CS #CE Comment Bug AutoIt
#370 RunAs() and I/O redirection does not work on Windows 2000 Valik Bug AutoIt
#372 Parent GUI of -1 causes dramatic problems Bug AutoIt
#373 GUI - Moving Mouse Across Edit or Input Bug AutoIt
#375 GUICtrlSetState($GUI_DISABLED) delayed in Vista Bug AutoIt
#378 _GUICtrlTreeView_Expand doesn't work on non topmost item Bug AutoIt
#379 Tray OnEvents ignored Bug AutoIt
#389 ProcessExists or ProcessWaitClose Bug AutoIt
#394 Strange TreeView behaviour, 2 different problems. Bug AutoIt
#395 DriveGetDrive and @ScriptDir under windows Vista run as administrator Bug AutoIt
#396 "PerformRouteDiscovery" may be corruption of "PerformRouterDiscovery" Bug Aut2Exe
#403 Different results for both for loops Bug AutoIt
#405 GUI bug Bug AutoIt
#406 GUI include file bug! Bug AutoIt
#418 GUICreate: $WS_EX_LAYERED documentation error Bug Documentation
#420 Scope bug or mis-wording in documentation Bug AutoIt
#428 avast antivirus blocking autoit as a virus Bug AutoIt
#432 new version au3 always UPX compresses Bug AutoIt
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