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#3292 Bug AutoIt
#3291 Bug AutoIt
#3290 Empire Season 3 Episode 3 Bug AutoIt
#3289 Bug AutoIt
#3288 Bug AutoIt
#3287 Bug AutoIt
#3286 Bug AutoIt
#3285 Bug AutoIt
#3284 Bug AutoIt
#3283 Bug AutoIt
#3282 Bug AutoIt
#3281 Bug AutoIt
#3280 Bug AutoIt
#3279 FileReadToArray() documentation missing important detail Bug Documentation
#3276 Getting/Setting DllStruct array-element with index stored in varible fails without using Execute Bug AutoIt
#3271 Website Register doesnt work! Bug AutoIt
#3270 "Au3Record" is missing from builds autoit-v3.3.14.1 and autoit-v3.3.14.2 Bug Other
#3269 ControlSend acts inconsistently Bug AutoIt
#3263 DocSaveAs does not output HTML file properly Bug AutoIt
#3260 _IECreate cannot handle basic auth with domain included in username Bug Standard UDFs
#3259 root Bug AutoIt
#3258 RegDelete bug ? Deleting values from keys without write access rights Bug AutoIt
#3251 @ScriptLineNumber as optional parameter in stripped script not working as expectde Bug Other
#3244 Codewizard.au3 Icon Fix poposal for Messagebox Tab and Tooltip Tab Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#3242 Buy_Backlinks defect AutoIt
#3241 Cheap_Links defect AutoIt
#3235 Floor isn't accurate Bug AutoIt
#3225 Interrupt function not work when working with GUICtrlRichEdit Bug AutoIt
#3219 dllCall cause error with SetupDiEnumDeviceInfo Bug AutoIt
#3218 _Timer_KillTimer don't kill timer. Bug AutoIt
#3217 FileInstall() memory leak Bug AutoIt
#3207 _GUICtrlListView_AddArray Error when add single dimension array Bug AutoIt
#3204 "if" function does not see variables that contain _IE objects as being "true" Bug AutoIt
#3203 IE - Variable contents are lost when navigating to any page Bug AutoIt
#3200 Ternary operator for functions Bug Au3Check
#3199 TopMost fo GUI attribute is not set when using GuiSetStyle Bug AutoIt
#3198 Not Able to Open auto IT script giving error unable to open the script Bug AutoIt
#3197 .chm debug example fix Bug Documentation
#3192 Regression with reference Bug AutoIt
#3191 SciTE Won't save hidden scripts. Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt Other
#3189 "Run" and "RunWait" functions call an A3X multiple times with an compiled file Bug AutoIt
#3186 Special characters change after filewrite to *.csv Bug AutoIt
#3183 Aut2Exe: Exe won't run "Unable to open the script file" (with Aut2Exe_x64.exe it works) Bug Aut2Exe
#3177 _WinAPI_ShowWindow() does not give True if successful Bug AutoIt
#3176 possible error in DriveMapAdd documentation Bug AutoIt
#3173 Beta Helpfile won't launch if Stable Helpfile is open and vice versa Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#3170 IniRead() functions returns ANSI chars instead of Unicode Chars Bug AutoIt
#3162 RunWait command does not return the exit code of the program that was run on XP systems Bug AutoIt
#3155 _Excel_RangeWrite with $bForceFunc=True doesn't transpose array Bug Standard UDFs
#3152 FileCopy doesn't cope well with copying files with embedded spaces in their name to UNC destinations Jon Bug AutoIt
#3151 TCPConnect() return always -1 on a public ip Bug AutoIt
#3145 ObjGet dont work Bug AutoIt
#3139 FileGetTime out by exactly one hour. Bug AutoIt
#3126 Drag&Drop not working on Windows 10 Bug AutoIt
#3125 ListView does not generate events when pressing Return Bug AutoIt
#3124 ControlListView Not working on a 64 bit OS Bug AutoIt
#3121 NOT RESPONDING + SEARCH Brought me to you Bug AutoIt
#3119 GUICtrlSetColor bug Bug AutoIt
#3109 2x FileInstall in same line (in if statement) not working compiled Bug Aut2Exe
#3108 function with optional parameters run via AdlibRegister() fails with "Variable used without being declared" Bug AutoIt
#3102 AutoIt Crashes when reading an empty cell comment Bug AutoIt
#3101 The SciTE download links are down Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt Other
#3096 Confusing error message when initializing default argument with undeclared variable Bug AutoIt
#3095 Resizing GUI Controls before showing GUI Bug AutoIt
#3074 Regwrite can't write a big lenght in binary. Bug AutoIt
#3070 F1 not opening AutoIt help Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#3065 _Crypt_EncryptFile BUG - creating 1 kb file with wrong decryption password. Bug AutoIt
#3064 Ping timeout is longer than set by par2 Bug AutoIt
#3062 AuCheck didn't catch ' without & Bug AutoIt
#3056 Ctrl_Alt_F5 SyntaxCheck Beta doesn't work in SciTE Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#3048 DllStructCreate strange bug Bug AutoIt
#3043 FOR..IN..NEXT loop completes before processing all Outlook maillitems Bug AutoIt
#3036 _Timer_SetTimer parameter explanations Bug Documentation
#3032 AutoIt allows nonsense preceding expression Bug AutoIt
#3029 _DateDiff() additional help Bug Documentation
#3025 AutoItTools.lua Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#3019 #2LOYPRUVG Bug AutoIt
#3016 FileSetPos() not used in FileSetPos() example Bug Documentation
#3010 Au3Info - Double Click on Listview in "Control" Tab Feature Request Au3Info
#3002 Bug - _DateAdd('s', 1, '1970/01/01') Returns '1970/01/01' Bug Standard UDFs
#2999 FTP read fails because of exe file name and the path location Bug AutoIt
#2996 installer doesn't end-task file dependencies Bug AutoIt
#2992 Int, Dec, Number return incorrect results when used with binary and string data Bug AutoIt
#2981 How do I access an embeded Internet explorer server object ? Bug AutoIt
#2975 _WinAPI_GetFontResourceInfo return only the first 31 characters from font name Feature Request AutoIt
#2974 Named backreferences in replacement text (StringRegExpReplace) Bug AutoIt
#2970 TraySetToolTip text set to Chr(0) hides the tooltip. Bug AutoIt
#2956 EndFunc not required in the last function of the script Bug AutoIt
#2949 ControlTreeView Bug AutoIt
#2948 Unable to automate downloads with download message box for IE11 &FF(Please refer the screenshot)sc Bug AutoIt
#2947 Unable to automate (Save As dialog) for IE11 Bug AutoIt
#2946 The latest version autoit generated exe is not prompt for permission, event with #requestadmin Bug AutoIt
#2940 _FileListToArrayRec does not return files having no extension with "*.*" as filter Bug AutoIt
#2936 autoit- compiler throws error unable to write .tmp file Bug AutoIt
#2935 GUIGetCursorInfo behavior in Windows 8 Bug AutoIt
#2930 Wrong CheckBox position for ListView Bug AutoIt
#2926 IsFunc() documentation examples Bug Documentation
#2907 Unable to read text from Authentication Pop up using Autoit Bug AutoIt
#2904 FileOpen does NOT return an error when path is invalid. Bug AutoIt
#2903 GUICtrlSetFont does not mention FontConstants.au3 Bug Documentation
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