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#1779 AutoIt Include Files Missing Includes? Bug AutoIt Other
#1780 Unable to get the selected node coordinates in Treeview. Bug AutoIt
#1793 Undefined Windows constants... Bug AutoIt
#1794 Opt("GuiCloseOnESC", 0) causes WinClose() to be ignored Bug AutoIt
#1796 DirCopy does not copy readonly directories unless the flag is set to overwrite Bug AutoIt
#1799 Result from TimerInit is wrong? Bug AutoIt
#1806 $iBase in _ArrayUnique() not working properly Bug AutoIt
#1809 Made an Error in script -> GUICtrlCreateButton $SS_RIGHT Create CheckBox Bug AutoIt
#1812 AutoItSetOption("MustDeclareVars",1) not working fully Bug AutoIt
#1814 On InputBox, the language of buttons stays in English Bug AutoIt
#1828 Strange behavior with IniWrite Bug AutoIt
#1835 Error opening file for writing during install Bug AutoIt
#1847 AutoIt cannot control QuoteTracker Bug AutoIt
#1853 BinaryLen of hex expression computed string long Bug AutoIt
#1864 Not properly install in Debain Operating System Bug AutoIt
#1865 Unexpected shutdown after calling Shutdown(2) Bug AutoIt
#1867 SciTE4AutoIt3 @OSVersion is WIN_VISTA, when actually WIN_7 Jos Bug AutoIt
#1871 RegRead error on Win64 using Win32 compile Bug AutoIt
#1880 Two unexplainable "error in expression" Bug AutoIt
#1909 little problem with an updown control Bug AutoIt
#1912 Run() does not work on x64 when compiled as x86 Bug AutoIt
#1915 Running script in SCITE doesnt work Bug AutoIt
#1924 Hiding one Edit affects the text in another. Bug AutoIt
#1928 SoundPlay does not work after FileOpenDialog Bug AutoIt
#1937 _ExcelReadSheetToArray doesn`t work Bug AutoIt
#1944 AdlibUnRegister not working trusty Bug AutoIt
#1955 Unable to select the appropriate option from combo box Bug AutoIt
#1959 Input foucus bug Bug AutoIt
#1961 Pixel functions feature/bug? Bug AutoIt
#1972 Strange behavior with ControlClick and deactivated button on AutoIt GUI Bug AutoIt
#1978 Problem with Standby and hibernate program written by Bastel123 aka Sebastian Bug AutoIt
#1983 _IECreateEmbedded doesn't work anymore Bug AutoIt
#1992 RichEdit sometimes leaves a "ghost" scrollbar on maximize Bug AutoIt
#1997 GUICtrlCreateDummy(), @error=1 on failure., trivial. Bug AutoIt
#1998 fileflush bluescreen windows 7 x86 Bug AutoIt
#1999 DirCopy and DirMove have some bugs Bug AutoIt
#2008 timerinit does not return int, returns imprecise float, differences bad Bug AutoIt
#2012 sqlite3 UPDATE changing value deletes it with UNIQUE index! Bug AutoIt
#2019 File functions: Three help file issues and one bug Bug AutoIt
#2022 Cross set contants Bug AutoIt
#2038 For Windows 7 Java UDF is not working properly Bug AutoIt
#2044 IE.au3 error Wend Bug AutoIt
#2047 ProcessExists bad return Bug AutoIt
#2052 When using MSTSC Remote Desktop Connection, AutoIt and AU3Info only see main window Bug AutoIt
#2064 DriveStatus returns INVALID on existing path (by Volume Name) Bug AutoIt
#2065 how to detect which button clicked in internet Explorer using java script Bug AutoIt
#2081 Au3 Recoreder Jos Bug AutoIt
#2085 DllStructGetData crash with char array Bug AutoIt
#2087 IniWrite & IniReadSection bug Bug AutoIt
#2090 [:upper:] is not working Bug AutoIt
#2092 ShellExecuteWait() receiving incorrect error levels on Windows XP. Bug AutoIt
#2093 DllStructGetSize reports wrong size Bug AutoIt
#2094 Hex() returns incorrect values Bug AutoIt
#2097 Performance problem with acces to object (Excel object) Bug AutoIt
#2098 _ArraySearch and StringInStr Problem / Bug? Bug AutoIt
#2104 Lost the Titles on all my open folders after a lot of shell/resize testing. PDF's hard to control by name. Bug AutoIt
#2107 Virus Warnings Bug AutoIt
#2116 random() is not random Bug AutoIt
#2118 bug when launching a command Line program using @SW_HIDE Bug AutoIt
#2121 Au3Record creates incorrect function of WinWaitActivate Bug AutoIt
#2129 Incorrect Switch .. Case Else EndSwitch parsing Bug AutoIt
#2134 Combobox style $CBS_UPPERCASE produces undesired results Bug AutoIt
#2135 DB reading bug in SQLite UDF Bug AutoIt Other
#2136 FileSetAttrib adds Archive attribute when System or Hidden attribs are set Bug AutoIt
#2137 "typo" in "Function Reference" for "ProcessWaitClose" Bug AutoIt
#2144 Compiled script does not open with FILE_SHARE_DELETE Bug AutoIt
#2145 unable to change password or post Bug AutoIt
#2147 _GUICtrlListBox_InsertString and random Bug AutoIt
#2153 Program speed Bug AutoIt
#2158 While Wend Problem Bug AutoIt Other
#2161 DllStructs Corrupted When Returned In Array. Bug AutoIt
#2168 Updown control displayed on wrong TAB Bug AutoIt
#2177 autoit does not work correctly with Microsoft Calculator Bug AutoIt
#2183 bitand not 64-bit,or 64-bit version not offered, srandom not 64-bit Bug AutoIt
#2190 DirMove. (false success) Bug AutoIt
#2198 DllStructGetData causes crash Bug AutoIt
#2210 StringInStr Bug AutoIt
#2217 IniRead + Boolean default. Bug AutoIt
#2227 GUICtrlCreateEdit doesn't have full Unicode support Bug AutoIt
#2228 Cant post ?? Bug AutoIt
#2231 ControlSend case of text inconsistent Bug AutoIt
#2233 TraySetOnEvent does not set $TRAY_EVENT_PRIMARYDOWN properly Bug AutoIt
#2237 SetError/Extended returns 1 if return value is omitted Bug AutoIt
#2238 Syntax check warning on using variable inside declare state Bug AutoIt
#2239 if ObjEvent("AutoIt.Error") with only one arg will crash Bug AutoIt
#2241 AUTOIT3 cannot automate installing softwares while screen is locked Bug AutoIt
#2249 RegRead(): Unexpected @extended result - possible bug Bug AutoIt
#2254 MsgBox does not work with Windows Embedded 2010 64 bit with 64 bit runtime Bug AutoIt
#2255 String value is treated as a number if starts with digits Bug AutoIt
#2271 a script file can't access other file's local variable Bug AutoIt
#2273 Long strings are cropped at hypen or whitespace in edit controls Bug AutoIt
#2274 StringRegExp crashes on large string Bug AutoIt
#2277 Issues with Long-term Automation Bug AutoIt
#2283 Array access when using nested arrays Bug AutoIt
#2290 String functions fails on a file Bug AutoIt
#2292 _IEErrorNotify() and $_IEErrorNotify are conflicting, in IE.au3 for Bug AutoIt Other
#2294 ControlGetText failing when window title happens to contain umlauts Bug AutoIt
#2318 simple _isPressed middle mouse is not working Bug AutoIt
#2324 How to handle unknown window in script while it is runnig Bug AutoIt
#2327 the script stops randomly please suggest some idea's. Feature Request AutoIt
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