16:04 Ticket #1764 (FileCreateShortcut - cuts target to 8.3 style) closed by Jpm
No Bug


14:37 Ticket #1804 (FileSelectFolder does not position itself relative to the parent ...) created by mikered82@…
When using FileSelectFolder, the window does not position itself …


22:14 Ticket #1803 (GuiRichEdit Zoom Set) created by luc.leveque@…
_GUICtrlRichEdit_GetZoom ; Remarks .......: MSDN claims that …
11:09 Ticket #1802 (_WinAPI_CallWindowProc() and _WinAPI_DefWindowProc() are not Unicode ...) created by Yashied
_WinAPI_CallWindowProc() and _WinAPI_DefWindowProc() still use the …


18:25 Ticket #1801 (RUNAS Windows 7 x64) created by anonymous
RunAs dont work under Windows7 x64. RunAs return 0 and @error return 0.


19:02 Ticket #1800 (_ClipPutFile error 9) created by isolation
Error in _ClipPutFile: "GlobalFree" returns 0 on success, but this is …


20:55 Ticket #1798 (Sound alert) closed by Valik
Rejected: This has nothing to do with the AutoIt language.
20:08 Ticket #1799 (Result from TimerInit is wrong?) closed by Jos
No Bug: NO Bug: Questions must be asked in our forum, This is for reporting bugs.
19:56 Ticket #1799 (Result from TimerInit is wrong?) created by gn57@…
Hi, a short question concerning the TimerInit and TimerDiff functions …
12:13 Ticket #1798 (Sound alert) created by 1bzdura@…
Hi, can you please add sound alarm function to MonitoringScript.mq4 …


06:13 Ticket #1797 (Critical bug with WS_CHILD) created by hunt
Compile this script with name GUI_PARENT.exe […] After compiling …


14:37 Ticket #1796 (DirCopy does not copy readonly directories unless the flag is set to ...) created by anonymous
;"x\Source" contains readonly directories that contains files ;fails …


06:14 Ticket #1795 (long "long path" support) created by thesnoW
fileopen/filewrite/filewrite/etc. to support more than 255+ characters.


17:53 Ticket #1794 (Opt("GuiCloseOnESC", 0) causes WinClose() to be ignored) created by AndyS01@…
When a script is compiled with Opt("GuiCloseOnESC", 0) active, another …


14:02 Ticket #1793 (Undefined Windows constants...) created by Jaberwocky6669
After searching the standard includes (and some non-standard, i.e., …


23:50 Ticket #1792 (ProcessExist or Maybe Run Command does not give the correct PID) closed by Valik
Works For Me: Works fine for me on Windows 7 x64 using both x86 and x64 versions of AutoIt.
21:38 Ticket #1792 (ProcessExist or Maybe Run Command does not give the correct PID) created by Emiel Wieldraaijer
Hi, If i run the following code on a W7 X86 it will give the correct …


20:49 Ticket #1791 (GuiCtrlDelete is in the wrong place?) created by GEOSoft
It's under GUI Control Creation and I think it should be under GUI …


15:50 Ticket #1790 (au3.api, AutoItSetOption, Optional indicator.) created by mvg
Missing optional indicators for second parameter for AutoItSetOption() …


14:54 Ticket #1789 (_GUICtrlRichEdit_Create blocking syntax error reporting while in SciTE) created by SPiff59
Executing the following from within SciTE will not generate a syntax …


17:06 Ticket #1788 (_GUICtrlRichEdit_GetMargins and _GUICtrlRichEdit_SetMargins) created by Spiff59
I find it difficult to properly format/view/print any generated RTF …


19:20 Ticket #1787 (Test coverage features) closed by Valik
08:25 Ticket #1787 (Test coverage features) created by jackHeeley
If the interpreter could be instructed to start/stop recording the …


21:02 TicketGuidelines/NewTicketSummary edited by Valik
Moved comment about questions to the general section. (diff)
21:00 Ticket #1785 (C-like syntax) closed by Valik
Rejected: This is not a forum.
21:00 Ticket #1784 (Feature request) closed by Valik
Rejected: You spent 0 seconds on the forum I see.
20:48 Ticket #1786 (ControlSend releases Caps Lock) created by MrCreatoR <mscreator@…>
When using ControlSend on AutoIt GUI, the Caps Lock released …
18:04 Ticket #1785 (C-like syntax) created by pr1
Hello, do you have any plans to change AutoIt's syntax to a more, …
18:02 Ticket #1784 (Feature request) created by pr1
- pushable and poppable arrays (eg, push(@array, "value")) - hashes …
16:41 Ticket #1783 (_Date_Time_FileTimeToStr with parm 1 error) closed by Jpm
Duplicate: duplicate of #1509


19:48 Ticket #1783 (_Date_Time_FileTimeToStr with parm 1 error) created by thesnoW
; |[0] - Month ; |[1] - Day ; …
17:45 Ticket #1782 (forcing targeting of commands to only one target process/executable) closed by Valik
Rejected: Sounds like an "I'm too lazy to correctly identify the correct application so I want you to do it for me" feature. Seriously, this takes less than 10 lines of code to write yourself depending on what you are trying to do.
15:31 Ticket #1782 (forcing targeting of commands to only one target process/executable) created by anonymous
I am trying to write a GUI-script which should run unmanned (without a …


00:08 Ticket #1781 (Adding in Custom UDF's) closed by Valik
Rejected: Meh, forum, go go.
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