10:22 Ticket #1912 (Run() does not work on x64 when compiled as x86) closed by Jos
No Bug: NoBug ... Use our Forum for support.
08:50 Ticket #1912 (Run() does not work on x64 when compiled as x86) created by Kasakie@…
This does not work on my 64bit Windows 7 OS. #Region ; Directives …
02:03 Ticket #1911 (_WinAPI_MsgBox) created by anonymous
Func _WinAPI_MsgBox($iFlags, $sTitle, $sText) BlockInput(0) …


15:17 Ticket #1910 (Please change $TTN_GETDISPINFO to $TTN_GETDISPINFOW) created by anonymous
Please change in the example scripts for _GUICtrlToolbar_SetToolTips …


12:28 Ticket #1909 (little problem with an updown control) created by anonymous
When I move the pointer over an input control the right border shows …


13:34 Ticket #1908 (ObjName returns empty string for HTMLDocument with IE9) created by anonymous
With IE9 installed, the ObjName function returns an empty string when …
06:02 Ticket #1907 (Bug in AdlibRegister) created by claudio.veronesi@…
I think, there is a bug in AdlibRegister. I Register a function for …


13:19 Ticket #1906 (reparse point) created by xrewndel
Please add detecting reparse point file attribute in FileGetAttrib().
04:35 Ticket #1904 (Problem with @MyDocumentsDir macro in Windows XP) closed by Valik
Works For Me


06:00 Ticket #1905 (Dynamic Code Execution (like Exec in Python)) created by hyperzap
I was thinking (correct me if I am wrong) that, considering Autoit …


18:43 Ticket #1904 (Problem with @MyDocumentsDir macro in Windows XP) created by ffdshow
If I run the code bellow in Windows XP SP3 ENG, @MyDocumentsDir macro …


15:39 Ticket #1903 (Au3Check, Globals, #OnAutoItStartRegister) created by mvg
Well, might as well drop this one in. (personal request of course)


19:58 Ticket #1902 (Better error msg for (undefined) Global var in Function definition.) closed by Valik
15:23 Ticket #1902 (Better error msg for (undefined) Global var in Function definition.) created by mvg
More informative error message for undefined vars(global) use in …
13:58 Ticket #1901 (Compiled 32bit scripts not working in system32 path on 64bit OS) created by Highguy
Heavily re-written by Valik: 32-bit scripts do not run from …


03:23 Ticket #1893 (#Include-All) closed by Valik
Rejected: We will not add bad features to facilitate lazy programming. Write your code well and a dangerous feature like this will not be necessary.


16:05 Ticket #1900 (Improvements for StringRegExpGUI) created by FichteFoll <fichtefoll2@…>
Since I use that program a lot I noticed some bugs and ways to improve …
12:55 Ticket #1899 (SendWindow) created by Steve.Haine@…
Allow keystrokes to be sent to a window regardless of it being active …
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