18:36 Ticket #2293 (_GDIPlus_GraphicsDrawImage crashes if we dispose the bitmap.) created by anonymous


18:36 Ticket #2292 (_IEErrorNotify() and $_IEErrorNotify are conflicting, in IE.au3 for closed by trancexx
No Bug: That version of AutoIt is outdated at this point and wasn't meant to be anyhing more than a sort of a teaser showing very basic concept of future development (that have taken place in the meantime). I'm not sure why is that still available for downloading. The only smart thing to do for me is close this report as no_bug therefore and ask you no to report bugs relaed to that version in the future.
12:22 Ticket #2292 (_IEErrorNotify() and $_IEErrorNotify are conflicting, in IE.au3 for created by anonymous
The function name and the variable name $_IEErrorNotify / …


19:13 Ticket #2291 (AutoIt causes memory leak?) closed by trancexx
Works For Me: Sorry, I see no leakage.


08:29 Ticket #2291 (AutoIt causes memory leak?) created by aimlezz-Mike@…
Hey guys, im writing on my project and got some memory leaks. Actual …


08:24 Ticket #2289 (PixelGetColor - output options) closed by Jpm


19:54 Ticket #2290 (String functions fails on a file) closed by trancexx
No Bug: Please be serious with bug reporting next time.
11:25 Ticket #2290 (String functions fails on a file) created by FireFox
I wanted to replace a simple string on the file …
07:59 Ticket #2289 (PixelGetColor - output options) created by Rhyono
The current decimal output has to be converted to Hex using said …


18:34 Ticket #2288 (Duplicated _WinAPI_OpenProcess) closed by trancexx
No Bug: Yes. However, former is function for internal use and not meant to be used outside Memory.au3. No bug, just weird logic.
14:56 Ticket #2288 (Duplicated _WinAPI_OpenProcess) created by n1ma
Hi Mem_OpenProcess function in Memory.au3 and _WinAPI_OpenProcess …


18:48 Ticket #2287 (GUICtrlSetState($controlID, $GUI_ONTOP) Doesn't set on top) closed by trancexx
No Bug: $GUI_ONTOP does what it's docummented that it does. There is no bug here. Documentation says that control will get to the top of z-order. By default if the control is on top, it's the closest to the parent window (GUI) and it's therefore covered by all other controls being lower down the z-order. On the other hand, for example, if the GUI would have WS_EX_COMPOSITED ex-style, you would see different effect (also docummented).


11:32 Ticket #2287 (GUICtrlSetState($controlID, $GUI_ONTOP) Doesn't set on top) created by jmon
GUICtrlSetState($controlID, $GUI_ONTOP) Doesn't set the control on top …


01:57 Ticket #2286 (GuiCtrtlGetState without a controlID parameter runs but aborts AutoIt) created by anonymous
GuiCtrtlGetState without a controlID parameter runs but aborts AutoIt, …


19:02 Ticket #2285 (OCR lack) closed by trancexx
Rejected: That goes beyond the scope of scripting language AutoIt is supposed to be.
09:32 Ticket #2285 (OCR lack) created by sliding4living@…
Hello. It would be interesting to == have an OCR == (OCR in the …


21:04 Ticket #2284 (InetClose() always returns false, repeated Inetget() causes high ...) created by garbb
The help file says that InetClose() will return true if the handle was …
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