15:37 Ticket #2341 (dllcall() function causes GUI hang.) closed by Jpm
No Bug: Here is not the place to discuss. Go to the forum. Thank.


22:04 Ticket #2341 (dllcall() function causes GUI hang.) created by salaviej.vova@…
When the called dll function is working for a long time, GUI window …


19:59 Ticket #2340 (_GUICtrlListView_SimpleSort changes sort parameter variable value) created by BrewManNH
In reference to this thread …


23:57 Ticket #2339 (IsAdmin() and Sandboxie) created by aurelien@…
When I run a "compiled" script in a Sandboxie sandbox, the script …


18:33 Ticket #2337 (Au3Record: Unicode and endianness) closed by Jpm
Fixed: Fixed by revision [7706] in version:


08:43 Ticket #2338 (Here is a Modification to _ArraySearch UDF) created by BrunoJ
The attached file contains a mod that adds compare option 3 for using …


14:29 Ticket #2337 (Au3Record: Unicode and endianness) created by jbaron@…
Hi, When recording a script with Au3Record on a French keyboard, the …


07:51 Ticket #2336 (Blockinput (1) not for WACOM Pen with Win8) created by info@…
All Tablet PC Pen User only under Windows 8 have no function from …


09:26 Ticket #2333 (AuCheck balks at 5D arrays initializer) closed by Jpm
Wont Fix: It is true that AU3check do checking for array dimension <= 4 That is a "known" limitation. I don't thing that with the current implemenation we can go beyond
09:18 Ticket #2334 (Maximum _useful_ array dimension is 24, not 64 as doc says) closed by Jpm
No Bug: In fact there is no bug as it is not the number of dimension but the global size of the array which is reach 224
08:54 Ticket #2335 (__WinAPI_EnumWindowsChild() creates results in wrong sequence) closed by Jpm
Fixed: Fixed by revision [7702] in version:
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