08:31 Ticket #2342 (case-sensitive variables) closed by Jpm
Rejected: I close tis request as too many drawback will be involved. Not sure even next AutoIt generation will support such differentiation as AutoIt is a scripter for non Unix users …


12:27 Ticket #2346 (Add native FileSetEnd() based on _WinAPI_SetEndOfFile()) created by Zedna
In native AutoIt there were added FileSetPos,FileGePos so the only one …


23:15 Ticket #2345 (Set font in _ArrayDisplay to allow displaying of unicode characters) closed by guinness
No Bug: It works for me in the latest beta v3.3.9.4.
20:04 Ticket #2345 (Set font in _ArrayDisplay to allow displaying of unicode characters) created by anonymous
This simple code shows that _ArrayDisplay() does not correctly display …
09:21 Ticket #2344 (Obfuscator parameter for encyrpt+strip) created by lwc
I propose having a parameter called /EncryptandStrip or …


21:06 Ticket #2343 (Obfuscator's documentation regarding AutoIt3Wrapper) closed by Jos
13:08 Ticket #2343 (Obfuscator's documentation regarding AutoIt3Wrapper) created by lwc
http://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/scite/docs/Obfuscator.html should …
08:11 Ticket #2342 (case-sensitive variables) created by anonymous
Just wanted to request case-sensitive variable names. Thank you in advance.


15:37 Ticket #2341 (dllcall() function causes GUI hang.) closed by Jpm
No Bug: Here is not the place to discuss. Go to the forum. Thank.


22:04 Ticket #2341 (dllcall() function causes GUI hang.) created by salaviej.vova@…
When the called dll function is working for a long time, GUI window …
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