12:26 Ticket #2357 ($WM_SIZING missing in WindowsConstants.au3 in created by skyteddy <rainer@…>
Hello, if I want to compile my script with the latest beta-version …


10:26 Ticket #2356 (ControlGetText return blank string, but Window Info tool work without fail) created by anonymous
ControlGetText and Window Info tool seems work differently and while …


18:15 Milestone completed
09:18 Ticket #2355 (Custom compiler) created by Terenz
Would to be nice for improve the security of our script ( actually not …
07:53 Ticket #2352 (_ExcelWriteSheetFromArray incorrect start row and col array) closed by guinness
Wont Fix


19:33 Ticket #1698 (GUICtrlSetLimit, limit 32767) closed by Jon
Fixed: Fixed by revision [7849] in version:
17:32 Ticket #2354 (_ArrayTranspose to the Array UDF.) closed by guinness
Completed: Added by revision [7843] in version:
17:31 Ticket #2354 (_ArrayTranspose to the Array UDF.) created by guinness
Add the _ArrayTranspose by jchd to the Array UDF.
17:24 Ticket #2353 (FileSelectFolder doesn't refresh after creating new folder with ...) created by holger.pandel@…
How to reproduce: - assign a network drive (net use z: …


15:39 Ticket #2352 (_ExcelWriteSheetFromArray incorrect start row and col array) created by slash.cyberpunk@…
In Excel.au3 in function _ExcelWriteSheetFromArray incorrect start row …
11:08 Milestone completed
11:07 Milestone completed


11:54 Ticket #2351 (_ExcelBookSaveAs format XLSX (default workbook)) created by slash.cyberpunk@…
In beta too. Add const: […] Change in _ExcelBookSaveAs …


19:42 Ticket #2350 (Strange issue when using $SS_ETCHEDVERT and $SS_ETCHEDHORZ) created by BrewManNH
If you run the code below, you will see that $SS_ETCHEDVERT will …


19:21 Ticket #2344 (Obfuscator parameter for encyrpt+strip) closed by Jos
19:16 Ticket #2349 (Windows 8 #RequireAdmin Broken in Scite) closed by Jos
Works For Me
12:18 Ticket #2348 (FileConstants.au3 doesn't have a constant for Option 8 for FileOpen) closed by guinness
03:26 Ticket #2349 (Windows 8 #RequireAdmin Broken in Scite) created by BinaryBrother@…
If you open Scite normally, by double clicking on the icon, on a stock …


15:55 Ticket #2348 (FileConstants.au3 doesn't have a constant for Option 8 for FileOpen) created by BrewManNH
There's no constant inside the FileConstants file that corresponds to …


07:28 Ticket #2347 (_WinAPI_GetMonitorInfo() returns incorrect data.) closed by Jpm


02:13 Ticket #2347 (_WinAPI_GetMonitorInfo() returns incorrect data.) created by Valik
The following line of _WinAPI_GetMonitorInfo() is incorrect: […] …
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