14:21 Milestone completed


21:07 Ticket #2691 (Bitshift is returning incorect results) created by anonymous
BitShift(3442917988, 16) is returning -13002 when it should be …


23:18 Ticket #2690 (Win..... Return Value Proposal.) created by mlipok
in WinGetTitle if no title match. vWinClose WinMove if window is not …


23:07 Ticket #2687 (_FileListToArray - Remarks - Proposal) closed by guinness
Completed: Added by revision [10010] in version:


20:42 Ticket #2663 (StringRegExpReplace backreference not working) closed by BrewManNH
Completed: Changed by revision [9992] in version:
12:03 Ticket #2689 (_ScreenCapture_Capture Error) closed by guinness
Fixed: Fixed by revision [9974] in version:
11:24 Ticket #2689 (_ScreenCapture_Capture Error) created by someonecool12@…
_ScreenCapture_Capture crashes when computer is locked or no mouse is …


08:58 Ticket #2688 (StringToBinary + ConsoleWrite) created by grass.dennis@…
ConsoleWrite-Output is the same as written in StringToBinary if & @LF …


21:25 Ticket #2687 (_FileListToArray - Remarks - Proposal) created by mlipok
Please add the following Remarks: […] and of corus link to …


22:01 Ticket #2686 (Random to return max value when min equals max.) created by anonymous
This has been rejected previously but I don't think it was fully …
08:05 Ticket #2685 (HotKeyRegister fails to register a Hungarian letter) created by Unc3nZureD
I already made (I think 2) topic on the forum, but I think it's a bug. …
05:18 Ticket #2684 (Remove drag behavior of WS_EX_CONTROLPARENT) created by anonymous
With the appearance of $GUI_WS_EX_PARENTDRAG, I think it logical to …


20:58 Ticket #2669 (TCP Send and TCP Receive (Example 2)) closed by guinness
No Bug
20:57 Ticket #2683 (_Word_DocSave.au3 - errors in example) closed by guinness
No Bug: I guess something has been fixed our end, because I am not getting those errors.
20:54 Ticket #2682 (StdoutRead[2].au3 - proposal) closed by guinness
Rejected: It doesn't comply with the AutoIt standards for the help file and is not a generic example.
20:51 Ticket #2675 (installdir.htm - Extras) closed by guinness
Completed: rev:9951
20:49 Ticket #2680 (installdir.htm - Library Functions ?) closed by guinness
Completed: Added by revision [9951] in version:
20:45 Ticket #2679 (Undocumented behaviour of arrays) closed by guinness
Rejected: It's not worth documenting, as if it were Jon would have does so when the array datatype was included as part of AutoIt. Don't get me wrong, I have used it too as a neat workaround but other languages such as C# don't allow this sort of behaviour.
20:43 Ticket #2678 (_FileListToArray() - $iFlag constatns) closed by guinness
20:10 Ticket #2683 (_Word_DocSave.au3 - errors in example) created by mlipok
20:04 Ticket #2682 (StdoutRead[2].au3 - proposal) created by mlipok
Here is a second example proposal for StdoutRead() […] Author: …
14:34 Ticket #2681 (More parameters to FileReadToArray function) closed by Melba23
Rejected: "startline" - Why not just action the returned array from a given index? "countline" - Use UBound on the returned array. M23
14:23 Ticket #2681 (More parameters to FileReadToArray function) created by anonymous
whether it is possible to add a couple of parameters: startline and …
10:37 Ticket #2680 (installdir.htm - Library Functions ?) created by mlipok
[…] the second closing bracket is not needed Besides what this …
09:01 Ticket #2677 (installdir.htm - UDFs3.chm) closed by Jpm
08:59 Ticket #2676 (installdir.htm - Extras - sqlite) closed by Jpm
Fixed: Fixed by revision [9909] in version:


21:41 Ticket #2679 (Undocumented behaviour of arrays) created by rindeal
reffering to a part of array that is being declared […]
20:49 Ticket #2678 (_FileListToArray() - $iFlag constatns) created by mlipok
There is no info about where are defined this constants: […] …
20:35 Ticket #2677 (installdir.htm - UDFs3.chm) created by mlipok
[…] the note about UDFs3.chm is out of date. Please change …
20:05 Ticket #2676 (installdir.htm - Extras - sqlite) created by mlipok
[…] There is no such folder. It is possible that this is not a …
20:03 Ticket #2675 (installdir.htm - Extras) created by mlipok
Documentation in installdir.htm do not mention anything about Geshi …
19:19 Ticket #2674 (Bug while compiling Au2exe.exe) closed by Melba23
Rejected: I am closing the ticket. There have been a number of these "cannot add resources" errors posted recently and none have been bugs. Please post in the forum and see if you can get a resolution - you can open another ticket if it is shown that there is indeed a bug. M23


17:23 Ticket #2674 (Bug while compiling Au2exe.exe) created by NewVersionTester
I tried to compile a x86 script on an x64 computer with the …
03:18 Ticket #2673 (AdlibRegister(0) execute function instanly instead of after 250ms) created by anonymous
In current AutoIt version, AdlibRegister with negative or zero …


16:07 Ticket #2672 (StringSplit - NewFlag - case-insensitive delimiters) created by mlipok
Please consider to add new flag to the third parameter. The task of …
10:22 Ticket #2671 (StringSplit - bug : Delimiter case sensitivity problem) created by mlipok
Repro: […] Discusion:


10:42 Ticket #2670 (TCP connection lost on blocking functions.) created by FireFox
The connection seems to be closed when there's a blocking function …
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