18:23 Ticket #3008 (texting on a notepad) closed by Jos
Rejected: This is a site for feature requests or Bug reports, not support requests. Please visit our forum for support. Jos
11:11 Ticket #3008 (texting on a notepad) created by maheshit22@…
I am able to enter text in a notepad and save it. But what 1.if i …


15:42 Ticket #3007 (Make {} the empty map.) created by Jaberwacky
15:41 Ticket #3006 (Create a shortcut for the expression in a With statement.) created by Jaberwocky
15:39 Ticket #3005 (Allow maps as expressions in a "With" statement.) created by Jaberwacky


22:12 Ticket #3004 (Anonymous Maps) created by jaberwacky
So I have an idea which I think will make coding a little easier in …


22:58 Ticket #3003 (Using a function call in an array assignment causes 2 function calls) created by jguinch
With this code : […] "myFunction" appears two times in the output …


17:21 Ticket #2988 (_Excel_RangeFind fails without throwing error when searching inactive ...) closed by water
Fixed: Fixed by revision [11252] in version:
17:07 Ticket #2993 (_Excel_RangeFind returns only last occurrence of string found Rather ...) closed by water
Fixed: Fixed by revision [11251] in version:
02:15 Ticket #2983 (_WinApi_GetString documentation error) closed by guinness


10:38 Milestone completed


14:12 Ticket #3002 (Bug - _DateAdd('s', 1, '1970/01/01') Returns '1970/01/01') created by mLipok
Repro: […] solusion proposal: new internal function: […] …


12:11 Ticket #2994 (Can't run _Excel_RangeFind example in closed by water
Wont Fix: This is caused by the way AutoIt handles COM errors. Up to a COM error was returned by setting @error, with the script crashes when you haven't set up a COM error handler. Up to the script simply checked @error and then decided what to do. Now you need a COM error handler even when you wanted to ignore the error. I hope this change will be thought over before the release of the next production version. Now it is a huge overhead with little to none advantage compared to the "old" solution. The current Excel UDF in the repository has a COM error handler established for each function when called and dropped at the end.


20:34 Ticket #3001 (Added AutoIt3x_64.dll to Excel Add-in list loads it as initial spreadsheet.) created by whittamr@…
Added AutoIt3x_64.dll to Excel Add-in list. Now the DLL loads as …


23:24 Ticket #3000 (scriptline) created by anonymous
When I don't set my own com error function and an error occurs the …
22:15 Ticket #2998 (Add key #03 to _IsPressed() in the Help file) closed by guinness
Completed: Added by revision [11236] in version:
22:08 Ticket #2986 (_GUICtrlListView_SetColumnOrderArray - typo in parameters description) closed by guinness
Fixed: Fixed by revision [11235] in version:


10:29 Ticket #2996 ( installer doesn't end-task file dependencies) closed by Jos
No Bug


06:21 Ticket #2999 (FTP read fails because of exe file name and the path location) closed by Jpm
No Bug


19:06 Ticket #2999 (FTP read fails because of exe file name and the path location) created by TouchOdeath
This is on Windows 7 Ultimate x64, if the file is named mtu.exe and it …
16:58 Ticket #2998 (Add key #03 to _IsPressed() in the Help file) created by Willichan <davidearlwilliams@…>
In the Help file, the listing of keys for _IsPressed() in the Misc.au3 …
13:07 Ticket #2997 (Bug in PCRE) created by jchd18
A bug in recent releases of the PCRE library has been reported which …


19:57 Ticket #2996 ( installer doesn't end-task file dependencies) created by jmichae3@…
1.install into d:\autoit-\ 2.install into …
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