16:02 Ticket #2995 (Create and pass array as parameter in the parameter itself) closed by Melba23
16:01 Ticket #3089 (Add cascading menus for contex menu intigration) closed by Melba23
Rejected: It seems to me that when clicking on a registered extension the available options should be at the top of the menu, not tucked away in a submenu. M23


15:22 Ticket #3131 (Add a "safe" modifier to ReDim to preserve Dimensions) closed by Melba23
Rejected: minxomat, As Jon has clearly stated there will be no further Opt flags you can forget that. I not of the opinion that this is something that needs to be "checked" by AutoIt - it must be the responsibility of the coder to do check that any ReDim is correctly written. M23
15:12 Ticket #3132 (Version Au3.3.14.2 in Track) closed by Melba23
02:38 Ticket #3132 (Version Au3.3.14.2 in Track) created by mLipok
Here in track there is lack of this version. Can not be choosen. …


18:42 Ticket #3091 (_WinAPI_RegQueryValue never returns the buffer size on ERROR_MORE_DATA ...) closed by guinness
Fixed: Fixed by revision [11544] in version:
18:34 Ticket #3123 (file WinAPIGdi.au3 missing from SCITE editor v3.5.4.0 download) closed by guinness
Works For Me: 3 weeks has elapsed which is plenty of time for you to reply. As you haven't provided a way to replicate this bug report I am closing the ticket. DO NOT REOPEN THIS TICKET, instead go to the forum and explain your problem to the AutoIt users.
18:28 Ticket #3120 (Use https://www.ipify.org/ in _GetIP()) closed by guinness
Completed: Added by revision [11542] in version:
00:46 Ticket #3129 (AutoIt Wiki fails to generate tumbnails, PHP Error) closed by Jon


04:07 Ticket #3131 (Add a "safe" modifier to ReDim to preserve Dimensions) created by minxomat
This is a request for a modifying keyword (or alternatively an Opt …


21:29 Ticket #3128 (Pragma Compile Directive inputboxres description change) closed by Melba23
Fixed: Fixed by revision [11536] in version:
21:24 Ticket #3130 (Crash since AutoIT3.3.14x on call COM-Object winhttp.winhttprequest.5.1) closed by Melba23
Rejected: In future please use the forum for support questions. And yes there is a difference - 3.3.14.? now crashes on COM errors whereas previous releases silently hid them. I imagine it is this - but posting in the forum will get you more details. M23
21:11 Ticket #3130 (Crash since AutoIT3.3.14x on call COM-Object winhttp.winhttprequest.5.1) created by th.edlinger@…
I use following code for doing HTTP-POST-requests: […] The server …
11:43 Ticket #3129 (AutoIt Wiki fails to generate tumbnails, PHP Error) created by TheDcoder
Hello, I updated the screenshots of History page in the AutoIt wiki …


16:01 Ticket #3128 (Pragma Compile Directive inputboxres description change) created by willichan
The description for the inputboxres pragma compile directive is …
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19:59 Ticket #3127 (PixelGetColor ignore third HWND parameter) created by petrsum@…
The PixelGetColor function with passed HWND parameter should analyze a …


03:32 Ticket #3126 (Drag&Drop not working on Windows 10) closed by BrewManNH
No Bug: I seriously doubt that script works fine in any OS version. Mainly because you're using GUISetOnEvent without using the autoit option turning on OnEvent mode. Also you can't use OnEvent mode and message mode in the same script at the same time. If you add the line to the script, the drop indication works, but the GUIGetMsg detection will fail. […] This is not a bug, this is just not reading the manual.


15:05 Ticket #3126 (Drag&Drop not working on Windows 10) created by anonymous
The Drag&Drop Event is not working for Windows 10. On 8.1 it's working …


09:39 Ticket #3125 (ListView does not generate events when pressing Return) created by anonymous
According to documentation (see _GUICtrlListView_Create help page), …


07:35 Ticket #3124 (ControlListView Not working on a 64 bit OS) closed by jchd18
No Bug: This completely ignores the bug report ticket guidelines, which you clearly didn't bother to read and follow. Post the "issue" you believe to have hit in the help forum and if ever an actual bug is confirmed there, then only post a new ticket here including a minimal reproducer. Closing as 'no bug'.
07:05 Ticket #3124 (ControlListView Not working on a 64 bit OS) created by madhu.sana4@…
ControlListView when run in a windows 7 32 bit system , it is working …


21:39 Ticket #3123 (file WinAPIGdi.au3 missing from SCITE editor v3.5.4.0 download) created by sam@…
I MUST have bigger font or use notepad to edit scripts. I downloaded …
15:24 Ticket #3087 (UTF problem with _GUICtrlRichEdit_StreamFromFile in closed by Jpm
Fixed: Fixed by revision [11499] in version:


16:01 Ticket #3121 (NOT RESPONDING + SEARCH Brought me to you) closed by Melba23
No Bug: Written in big bold letters on the Trac Welcome page: "Do not ask for support. This is for bug reports and feature requests only. See the AutoIt ​forum to ask for support." So please post there instead - and do give a lot more information than you have above. M23
13:59 Ticket #3122 (_ArrayUnique() seem to be broken.) closed by jchd18
Duplicate: This is already taken care of for the next release. See tickets 3110 (also dup) and 3078.
11:40 Ticket #3122 (_ArrayUnique() seem to be broken.) created by anonymous
When i use the Example 2 of _ArrayUnique() an out of bounds exception …


21:38 Ticket #3121 (NOT RESPONDING + SEARCH Brought me to you) created by anonymous
IDK what Im doing! I put what keeps coming up when Im stuck in NOT …


18:05 Ticket #3120 (Use https://www.ipify.org/ in _GetIP()) created by guinness
10:49 Ticket #3109 (2x FileInstall in same line (in if statement) not working compiled) closed by jchd18
No Bug: This is due to boolean evaluation short-circuit. Look at Help > Language Reference > Operators and read at the bottom of the page. No bug. And please guys, don't use Trac to chat about "issues", the help forum is the suitable place for that.


16:52 Ticket #3111 (Allow for parallel compilations) closed by Jos
Fixed: Closing this report. Jos
13:25 Ticket #3118 (StringSplit - NewFlag - case) closed by Jpm
03:38 Ticket #3112 (Function _Excel_RangeFind not working) closed by BrewManNH
Fixed: Fixed by revision [11497] in version:


22:04 Ticket #3115 (TCPRecv doesn't detect closed socket) closed by BrewManNH
21:30 Ticket #3119 (GUICtrlSetColor bug) closed by Melba23
No Bug: But to colour the text, rather than the background, you need to remove the style - as the Help file explains: […] No bug. M23
16:21 Ticket #3119 (GUICtrlSetColor bug) created by lemonxtt
remarks Help file of GUICtrlSetColor: "Only Button, Group, ... can …
12:07 Ticket #3118 (StringSplit - NewFlag - case) created by anonymous
Die einzigartige Diätmethode dank Calriphen und Phenoxin. Calriphen …
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