17:17 Ticket #2865 (Autoit crash with NodeList on For In loop) closed by mLipok
No Bug: This is related to IE object. This was discussed and solved here: https://www.autoitscript.com/forum/topic/181376-_iequeryselectorall/?do=findComment&comment=1303644


18:58 Ticket #3206 (New remark for the "root dir" parameter for FileSelectFolder) closed by Melba23
Completed: Changed by revision [11689] in version:
18:24 Ticket #3213 (_Arraydisplay() (from Array.au3) may truncate headers since their max ...) closed by Melba23
Rejected: The header lengths are determined by the user so it is up to the user to choose suitable header lengths. The UDF is primarily designed to display the array and it would be ridiculous to reduce the visible content just to display a header in full. Rejected. M23


09:59 Ticket #3224 (_ArrayConcatenate wrong parameters in description) closed by Melba23
Completed: Already fixed in Rev 11633. M23


09:56 Ticket #2871 (#AutoIt3Wrapper_OutPath) closed by Jos
05:19 Ticket #3224 (_ArrayConcatenate wrong parameters in description) created by anonymous
Help File: _ArrayConcatenate ( Const ByRef $aArrayTarget, ByRef …


19:20 Ticket #3223 (_IEPropertySet - On Success returns 0 instead 1) closed by mLipok
Fixed: Fixed by revision [11686] in version:
19:02 Ticket #3223 (_IEPropertySet - On Success returns 0 instead 1) created by anonymous
Both functions return 0 by success and not 1.
12:03 Ticket #3220 (_ArrayBinarySearch Help text incomplete/misleading) closed by Melba23
Completed: Changed by revision [11685] in version:


21:02 Ticket #3222 (FileInstall) created by anonymous
Two functions of FileInstall in the same line wont work. Maybe there …


14:13 Ticket #3221 (AutoItWrapper not stopping if #AutoIt3Wrapper_Run_Before fails) created by cory.r.stein@…
When using the AutoItWrapper to compile, if any of the …


12:47 Ticket #3220 (_ArrayBinarySearch Help text incomplete/misleading) created by RTFC
_ArrayBinarySearch Help text fails to mention that the supplied array …
07:24 Ticket #3218 (_Timer_KillTimer don't kill timer.) closed by Jpm
No Bug


18:34 Ticket #3219 (dllCall cause error with SetupDiEnumDeviceInfo) created by Ontosy
When i use dllCall with a C dll return a error 6 with …
01:23 Ticket #3218 (_Timer_KillTimer don't kill timer.) created by autoBert


16:50 Ticket #3217 (FileInstall() memory leak) created by malamen@…
Used FileInstall() to store and extract large files (300-900 Mb), and …


07:06 Ticket #3216 (WinGetState, none of the states are declared.) closed by Jpm
Duplicate: Thanks Already fix for next beta
06:14 Ticket #3216 (WinGetState, none of the states are declared.) created by InunoTaishou
From the help file for WinGetState: […] None of the these …


04:35 Ticket #3215 (GUICtrlCreateUpdown looses GUICtrlSetResizing value on GUICtrlSetState ...) created by argumentum
a short test script that reproduces the problem is at: …
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