15:22 Ticket #3244 (Codewizard.au3 Icon Fix poposal for Messagebox Tab and Tooltip Tab) created by cyberyeye@…
Bug: Codewizard.au3 don't show icon in Messagebox tab and …


21:20 Ticket #3239 (_IEFormElementOptionSelect Doesn't Return Error on NoMatch) closed by mLipok
Fixed: Fixed by revision [11713] in version:
21:03 Ticket #3242 (Buy_Backlinks) closed by mLipok
No Bug
21:02 Ticket #3241 (Cheap_Links) closed by mLipok
No Bug


23:15 Ticket #3243 (_WinAPI_MoveFileEx(...$sNewFile = "" for delete not 0) created by christian.blackburn@…
_WinAPI_MoveFileEx(...$sNewFile = "" for delete not 0 The …
17:41 Ticket #3242 (Buy_Backlinks) created by Buy_Backlinks
You need backlinks? Just like this website has, buy www.backlinks.com …
14:40 Ticket #3241 (Cheap_Links) created by Cheap_Links
You need backlinks? Just like this website has, buy www.backlinks.com …


22:48 Ticket #3240 (Constanst for _PathSplit's returned array) closed by guinness
Completed: Added by revision [11711] in version:
22:29 Ticket #3233 (_GUICtrlListBox_GetSelCount returns 0 also if $hwnd isn't a handle) closed by guinness
Fixed: Fixed by revision [11708] in version:
22:18 Ticket #3234 (Missing Online Documentation for Opt function.) closed by guinness
17:42 Ticket #3221 (AutoItWrapper not stopping if #AutoIt3Wrapper_Run_Before fails) closed by Jos
Completed: Will be implemented if Autoit3Wrapper v 16.306.1237.3. Jos
17:07 Ticket #3229 (Aut2Exe - Shows popup dialoags from AutoIt3Wrapper when running silent) closed by Jos
Completed: This was already implemented in: v14.801.2025.5 Added check for AUT2EXE failure adding FileInstall() files. and set return code to 1. Jos


09:11 Ticket #3240 (Constanst for _PathSplit's returned array) created by TheDcoder
Hello, It would be nice if these constants were included in …


17:36 Ticket #3239 (_IEFormElementOptionSelect Doesn't Return Error on NoMatch) created by benners
As an example I have used a script from the help file and modded to …


21:31 Ticket #3212 (Fast Shutdown) closed by BrewManNH
Rejected: This is a site for feature requests, not questions. Also, have you tried it yourself to see if it supports it? Your topic in GH&S https://www.autoitscript.com/forum/topic/180861-ewx_hybrid_shutdown/ suggests you have already tried this and found your answer.


09:54 Ticket #3238 (Au3info doesn't compensate for DPI scaling) created by anonymous
I'm using Windows 10 on a laptop with a 1920x1080 screen with standard …


23:44 Ticket #3237 (_EventLog__Read has an error in the __EventLog_DecodeDesc Function, ...) created by BILGUS
EventLog_DecodeDesc uses string replace on Insertion place holders …
18:33 Ticket #3236 (HotKey NumpadEnter) closed by Melba23
Rejected: Please post in the forum for support - Trac is reserved for reporting bugs. M23
15:27 Ticket #3236 (HotKey NumpadEnter) created by djp_home@…
It's not possible to bind NumpadEnter key as a HotKey! I don't want to …
13:34 Ticket #3230 (_WideCharToMultiByte fails with double-byte codepages) closed by Melba23
Fixed: Fixed by revision [11700] in version:
13:28 Ticket #3235 (Floor isn't accurate) closed by Melba23
No Bug: Dividing in AutoIt automatically results in a Double (floating point) return value. In this case $log10_1000 does not hold the exact value 3 as you can see by running this line at the end of your script: […] which returns […] So as the $log10_1000 variable actually holds a value slightly less than 3, Floor correctly returns 2. No bug. Could I suggest opening a forum thread when you next come across a floating point "error" like this - they are rarely bugs. M23


14:45 Ticket #3235 (Floor isn't accurate) created by TommyDDR
I recently need to count the numbers of digits in a number, so i do my …
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