20:34 Ticket #3551 (Simple Guidance For You In Sedumoxal.) closed by jchd18
No Bug
12:50 Ticket #3551 (Simple Guidance For You In Sedumoxal.) created by anonymous
The experience that dieting does not help and the feeling of impotence …


17:18 Ticket #3550 (New Date And Time Function) created by anonymous
Can date-time conversion related function like strftime(format, …
13:17 Ticket #3549 (GUI Reference - OnEvent Mode: missing include in code sample) created by nnovich-OK@…
Section: GUI Reference Article: GUI OnEvent Mode Topic: Advanced …


04:17 Ticket #3548 (How Bellavei Cream Is Going To Change Your health Strategies.) closed by BrewManNH


08:50 Ticket #3548 (How Bellavei Cream Is Going To Change Your health Strategies.) created by anonymous


21:59 Ticket #3547 (@ErrorStdOut or $ErrorStdOut for /ErrorStdOut) created by argumentum
to make a reserved variable, as is in the case of $CmdLineRaw, or a …
18:55 Ticket #3546 (Missing $MOUSE_CLICK_LEFT in help file closed by mLipok
Fixed: This is already added to this HelpFile page, in 29-12-2016 but not yet published. Anyway thanks for paying attention and reporting.
12:59 Ticket #3546 (Missing $MOUSE_CLICK_LEFT in help file created by bgenvagyok@…
The problem is really small, but I just realized that the help file …
01:26 Ticket #3528 (Set Affinity to more than 32 Cores) closed by BrewManNH
No Bug


14:50 Ticket #3545 (Incorrect conversion of Pos to Rect and vice versa) created by anonymous
Functions _WinAPI_CreateRectEx and _WinAPI_GetPosFromRect return …


03:41 Ticket #3543 (New example script for "Ternary" operator's help page) closed by Melba23
Rejected: Obviously there is nothing wrong with the current example. M23
03:40 Ticket #3544 (FileExists() bug with number 1) closed by Melba23
No Bug: When I run that code I get a return of 0 from FileExists which means the file does not exist - hardly surprising given that the path is not valid. M23


10:07 Ticket #3544 (FileExists() bug with number 1) created by Trong
File does not exist but still reported to exist! …
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