16:35 Ticket #3556 (Run, RunWait and similar calls fail with large amounts of data) closed by Melba23
No Bug: You have a thread running about this problem. Wait until you actually find out that there is a bug before opening a ticket - at present I would bet on a problem with your code rather than with AutoIt itself. M23


16:37 Ticket #3556 (Run, RunWait and similar calls fail with large amounts of data) created by fopetesl
I use Run() with small amounts of STDIO data and it works fine. …


14:53 Ticket #3555 (_GUICtrlRichEdit_StreamToVar with > 2048 characters) created by anthonyjr2
This bug was discussed and solved here: …


03:05 Ticket #3217 (FileInstall() memory leak) closed by BrewManNH
No Bug: No new feedback from the original poster, so I'm going to assume that the explanation given fits his criteria. I see no bug.
03:01 Ticket #3545 (Incorrect conversion of Pos to Rect and vice versa) closed by BrewManNH
No Bug


18:58 Ticket #3552 (SciTE 3.7.3 bug: #Region & #EndRegion not working properly when it ...) closed by mLipok
No Bug: This is a wrong use of AutoIt "syntax", and philosophies. Your region ranges are poorly defined. You can not, write anything between Switch and first Case, this just do not make any sense. I do not see any logic in this way of use Switch...Case...EndSwitch++#Region/#EndRegion Here are examples of proper way showing how to use #Region in this case: […] btw. Personally I prefer this kind of code descriptions: […]
17:28 Ticket #3554 (Ini functions should be documentated as containing limitations) created by lwc
There's an old feature request #15 about fixing the various …[…]


18:12 Ticket #3553 (_SQLite_Startup() - cannot use SQLite.dll without "_x64" suffix in 64 ...) created by anonymous
Now _SQLite_Startup() prohibit use dll without "_x64" in dll name in …
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