17:23 Ticket #3591 (Error in the RegExp) closed by BrewManNH
No Bug
08:47 Ticket #3591 (Error in the RegExp) created by omash@…
It is not working: […]
04:43 Ticket #3590 (Autoit product installation deleting all psmodulepath entries but its own) created by whiggs.ITPRO@…
Ok. So this has occurred on two machines that I have installed the …


19:34 Ticket #3589 (GDIPlus.au3 contains unecessary string conversions) created by Imp
_GDIPlus_Encoders may be rewritten without using …
18:52 Ticket #3588 (Strange behavior of RunAs()) closed by Jos
No Bug: Please use the forum for support questions as I am not convinced this is a bug. Jos
17:01 Ticket #3586 (_ArraySwap, error in description of parameter $bCol) closed by Jpm
Fixed: Fixed by revision [11955] in version:
16:46 Ticket #3230 (_WideCharToMultiByte fails with double-byte codepages) closed by Jpm
Completed: Added by revision [11954] in version:
12:53 Ticket #3230 (_WideCharToMultiByte fails with double-byte codepages) reopened by Jpm
I reopen this ticket as the solution is now to use and extra parameter whichwill use the byte type leaving char for other cases


22:41 Ticket #3588 (Strange behavior of RunAs()) created by krstev@…
If I use RunAs() function to start a program, the program is started …


19:13 Ticket #3587 (_ArrayAdd - do not add) closed by Melba23
Fixed: Already fixed - look in the forum for the sticky thread. M23


06:46 Ticket #3587 (_ArrayAdd - do not add) created by gilles@…
_ArrayAdd is not working anymore expect for Boolean array. Standard …
02:22 Ticket #3586 (_ArraySwap, error in description of parameter $bCol) created by a.koenigsdorf@…
*it is: [optional] If True then for 2D array above parameters …


21:07 Ticket #3585 (pb _GUICtrlTreeView_Sort not sorting level 1 treeview -- With Solution) created by gilles@…
with deep tree, _GUICtrlTreeView_Sort does not sort it. Proposed …
15:01 Ticket #3584 (Finder Tools does not seem to handle overlapped controls properly) created by WB123
When a form control is contained in the pixel footprint of another …
13:29 Milestone completed


22:34 Ticket #3583 (AutoIT Window Info (64) produces incorrect position numbers) created by rjdegraff@…
I am currently running AutoIt (64) version on an up-to-date …


10:15 Ticket #3581 (Dot notation with DllStruct fails if the variable is a constant) closed by Melba23
Wont Fix: Dot notation for structs is an undocumented feature and so bug reports about the feature are not supported. Use DllStructSetData instead. M23


16:09 Ticket #3553 (_SQLite_Startup() - cannot use SQLite.dll without "_x64" suffix in 64 ...) closed by Jpm
16:05 Ticket #2925 (_WinAPI_ShellChangeNotifyRegister problem) closed by Jpm
Wont Fix
15:45 Ticket #3252 ($GUI_DROPACCEPTED with #RequireAdmin - Windows 10) closed by Jpm
Works For Me
15:40 Ticket #3276 (Getting/Setting DllStruct array-element with index stored in varible ...) closed by Jpm
No Bug
15:16 Ticket #3555 (_GUICtrlRichEdit_StreamToVar with > 2048 characters) closed by Jpm
Works For Me: closed as no info supplied
15:15 Ticket #3549 (GUI Reference - OnEvent Mode: missing include in code sample) closed by Jpm
Rejected: closed as no info supplied
15:08 Ticket #3577 (_FileWriteToLine strips @crlf off last line for some files) closed by Jpm
No Bug: Design decision
15:02 Ticket #3582 (Bug in _WinAPI_GetGUIThreadInfo with caret rectangle) closed by Jpm
Fixed: Fixed by revision [11941] in version:
13:53 Ticket #3237 (_EventLog__Read has an error in the __EventLog_DecodeDesc Function, ...) closed by Jos
Fixed: Fixed by revision [11939] in version:
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