23:47 Ticket #3681 (In the section "Variables" the prefix "o" is not described.) created by anonymous
In the "Language Reference - Variables" section, the "Names of …


15:10 Ticket #3680 (Improve _ArrayBinarySearch function) created by anonymous
Think about the binary search not found case, return -1, then we …


20:11 Ticket #3679 (InetGet / InetRead - Disable Cache Option) created by anonymous
I would like to have a option to disable the automatic cache of these …


19:27 Ticket #3678 (_FileWriteToLine) created by anonymous
_FileWriteToLine($file, $line, "", 1) this was removing a line now it …


09:17 Ticket #3677 (_FileListToArrayRec()'s 2nd parameter ($sMask) seems case sensitive.) closed by Jos
No Bug: This UDF is using FileFindFirstFile() which is indicated to be not case sensitive. Closing as no bug for the moment until a replication script and scenario is provide that proves otherwise. Jos


16:47 Ticket #3677 (_FileListToArrayRec()'s 2nd parameter ($sMask) seems case sensitive.) created by user4157124
Setting _FileListToArrayRec()'s 2nd parameter ($sMask) to "*.jpeg" …
04:59 Ticket #3676 ($tagResource Help lacks some DisplayTypes) created by anonymous
04:41 Ticket #3675 ($tagNETRESOURCE: Add constants) created by anonymous


16:04 Ticket #3674 (Forum: @Name breaks input) closed by Jos


20:53 Ticket #3674 (Forum: @Name breaks input) created by anonymous
Bug: When typing @Name to reply to and ping a person on the forum, it …
14:49 Ticket #3673 ($aSelectedItems already declared/assigned in GuiListView.au3 func ...) closed by Melba23
Rejected: I get no such error using either the UDF or the Beta which it looks as if you are using. Might be a problem with the Beta Au3Check. You should open a thread in the forum to confirm such findings before starting a Trac ticket - I suggest you do just that. M23
09:24 Ticket #3673 ($aSelectedItems already declared/assigned in GuiListView.au3 func ...) created by careca
I got this warning, not really a bug, but not really supposed to be …


02:37 Ticket #2845 (Empty Array isn't Empty) closed by BrewManNH
Rejected: Not sure if this bug was fixed or not, but the test scripts no longer run under the current version of AutoIt, so this can't happen at this time. Closing the ticket to clean up the bug tracker from unnecessary clutter.


11:58 Ticket #3672 (AutoIt v3 Installer overwrites PowerShell Envirovment Path) closed by Jos
11:57 Ticket #3590 (Autoit product installation deleting all psmodulepath entries but its own) closed by Jos
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