19:17 Ticket #3683 (Variable must be of type object) created by anonymous
I use ObjEvent("AutoIt.Error", "function") to handle COM errors so …


20:26 Ticket #3682 (GuiCtrlCreatePic and the "set width and height to 0" feature) created by anonymous
The help file says : To set the picture control to the same size as …


23:47 Ticket #3681 (In the section "Variables" the prefix "o" is not described.) created by anonymous
In the "Language Reference - Variables" section, the "Names of …


15:10 Ticket #3680 (Improve _ArrayBinarySearch function) created by anonymous
Think about the binary search not found case, return -1, then we …


20:11 Ticket #3679 (InetGet / InetRead - Disable Cache Option) created by anonymous
I would like to have a option to disable the automatic cache of these …


19:27 Ticket #3678 (_FileWriteToLine) created by anonymous
_FileWriteToLine($file, $line, "", 1) this was removing a line now it …


09:17 Ticket #3677 (_FileListToArrayRec()'s 2nd parameter ($sMask) seems case sensitive.) closed by Jos
No Bug: This UDF is using FileFindFirstFile() which is indicated to be not case sensitive. Closing as no bug for the moment until a replication script and scenario is provide that proves otherwise. Jos


16:47 Ticket #3677 (_FileListToArrayRec()'s 2nd parameter ($sMask) seems case sensitive.) created by user4157124
Setting _FileListToArrayRec()'s 2nd parameter ($sMask) to "*.jpeg" …
04:59 Ticket #3676 ($tagResource Help lacks some DisplayTypes) created by anonymous
04:41 Ticket #3675 ($tagNETRESOURCE: Add constants) created by anonymous
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