22:48 Ticket #3782 (Au3 stripper fail.) closed by mLipok
No Bug: When you remember, please create a forum post first: https://www.autoitscript.com/forum/forum/2-autoit-general-help-and-support/ We will discuss there. And here just make a URL link to that discussion. Please refer to me. If the discussion proves you are right then we will reopen this ticket. mLipok ps. My projects use about 200 Inculude files and I think I'm able to maintain them correctly.
22:34 Ticket #3782 (Au3 stripper fail.) created by anonymous
When it comes to projects of immeasurable magnitudes, with many …
22:29 Ticket #3781 (Assign and Eval, Execute, they don't work like they should when it ...) created by francomaro@…
Assign and Eval, Execute, they don't work like they should when it …


10:25 Ticket #3148 (Add new events to GUIGetMsg()) closed by Jpm
Rejected: as suggest by Melba23 we close it.
08:30 Ticket #3250 (New directive for changing AutoIt's Stack Depth) closed by Jpm
Rejected: AutoIt use the max possible stack and memory with some checking to avoid AutoIt crash That the purpose os such AutoIt fatal error. If a user want to avoid to reach such limit it can use a recursing counter and do what they want when he reach the desire level.


09:25 Ticket #3739 (Scripting.dictionary Keys/Items array support for _ArrayDisplay) closed by Jpm
Completed: Added by revision [12378] in version:


10:12 Ticket #3763 (Send() Optimisation) closed by Jpm
Rejected: Hi, it was very difficult to have it working in all cases, so we will not optimize in cas of regression Sorry
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