19:56 Ticket #3563 (Function _IEBodyReadText() from IE.au3 needs to check .innerText is a ...) closed by mLipok
Fixed: fixed here: https://www.autoitscript.com/trac/autoit/ticket/3167


14:38 Ticket #3515 (Assigning directly a value to an element of an array in array) closed by Jpm
Rejected: Hi, sorry to be so late on the subject. what you propose is to do expression evaluation on the left side of a statement. Such evaluation can only be done on the right side during the evaluation of an expression. We will not make any improvement on such laft side statement
13:45 Ticket #3679 (InetGet / InetRead - Disable Cache Option) closed by Jpm
Works For Me: Hi, sorry to be so late to discuss of the problem I use the sencond example of InetGet() without any peoblem under Windows 10 Pro X64 run autoit in X86 mode without any problem So pleas open a new ticket with a repro script if you still have a problem Cheers


22:15 Ticket #3732 (_Excel_BookList) closed by water
Rejected: "Fixing" this problem results in a script breaking change. Changing the order of the returned data does not add any value to the function but a lot of work for existing users. If the user reads the documentation he can easily see the difference in the returned data of the two functions.


19:01 Ticket #3238 (Au3info doesn't compensate for DPI scaling) closed by Jpm
13:25 Ticket #3010 (Au3Info - Double Click on Listview in "Control" Tab) closed by Jpm
No Bug
06:33 Ticket #3684 (Aut2exe.exe window title and version number) closed by Jpm
Completed: Added by revision [12404] in version:
06:31 Ticket #2383 (Allow Aut2exe GUI to accept dropped files) closed by Jpm
Fixed: Fixed by revision [12403] in version:


20:15 Ticket #3694 (WinGetSize function missing from AutoItX3_64) closed by Jpm
No Bug: In fact AutoItX does not implement such function you must use WinGetPos*() functions
18:28 Ticket #3786 (DirMove function returns success instead of failure) closed by Jpm
Wont Fix: In fact Danyfirex give me the explanation Windows return true without doing the job so I close it without fixing


16:00 Ticket #3787 (StringRegExp) closed by Jos
Rejected: Please post questions in the forum when assistance is needed. THis is a place for Bugs and Feature requests.
13:52 Ticket #3787 (StringRegExp) created by anonymous
This code returns an array with 3 elements ["1", "", "2"]. I would …
00:00 Ticket #3164 (problem with the function ToolTip COM Interface) closed by Jpm
Wont Fix: Hi, thanks to Danyfirex we got the explanation to have a tooltip .vbs script run with cscript.exe the manifest does not include the ref to Microsoft.Windows.Common-Controls 6.0 […] that the reason why such vbs does not work. You can use the equivalent .au3 script […]


20:22 Ticket #3785 (AU3Check ended.rc:-1073740791) closed by Jos
Fixed: Fixed by revision [12394] in version:
19:16 Ticket #3786 (DirMove function returns success instead of failure) created by Factfinder
11:11 Ticket #3785 (AU3Check ended.rc:-1073740791) reopened by Jos
08:46 Ticket #3785 (AU3Check ended.rc:-1073740791) closed by Jpm
Fixed: Fixed by revision [12393] in version:
05:33 Ticket #3781 (Assign and Eval, Execute, they don't work like they should when it ...) closed by Jpm
No Bug: When you give example please make them working here is a full test of what you want to be checked you can see that everything is working as stated in the doc @error is set when Eval or Assign does not conformed. Execute work perfectly […]


20:39 Ticket #3785 (AU3Check ended.rc:-1073740791) created by anonymous
07:33 Ticket #3784 (StringSplit2D) closed by Jos
Rejected: The Examples thread is the right place for this moment. When there is a lot of interest we can consider the inclusion. Jos
02:12 Ticket #3784 (StringSplit2D) created by anonymous
Func StringSplit2D($sMatches = …


00:07 Ticket #3783 (_WinAPI_SetThreadAffinityMask, _WinAPI_SetThreadGroupAffinity, ...) created by anonymous
With the release of 64 and higher thread processors, I'd like to see …


22:48 Ticket #3782 (Au3 stripper fail.) closed by mLipok
No Bug: When you remember, please create a forum post first: https://www.autoitscript.com/forum/forum/2-autoit-general-help-and-support/ We will discuss there. And here just make a URL link to that discussion. Please refer to me. If the discussion proves you are right then we will reopen this ticket. mLipok ps. My projects use about 200 Inculude files and I think I'm able to maintain them correctly.
22:34 Ticket #3782 (Au3 stripper fail.) created by anonymous
When it comes to projects of immeasurable magnitudes, with many …
22:29 Ticket #3781 (Assign and Eval, Execute, they don't work like they should when it ...) created by francomaro@…
Assign and Eval, Execute, they don't work like they should when it …


10:25 Ticket #3148 (Add new events to GUIGetMsg()) closed by Jpm
Rejected: as suggest by Melba23 we close it.
08:30 Ticket #3250 (New directive for changing AutoIt's Stack Depth) closed by Jpm
Rejected: AutoIt use the max possible stack and memory with some checking to avoid AutoIt crash That the purpose os such AutoIt fatal error. If a user want to avoid to reach such limit it can use a recursing counter and do what they want when he reach the desire level.
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