22:17 Ticket #3997 (Improvement of _WinAPI_RegisterShellHookWindow example) created by YuTang


09:57 Ticket #3993 (_WinAPI_SetWindowTheme() - remove limits) closed by Jpm
No Bug: Hi, there is no bug as 0, 0 will use Null in the current implementation you must us "", "" if if you want to siable as stated in the doc Cheers


19:12 Ticket #3987 (Aut2Exe creates a temp folder without deleting it) closed by Jos
Works For Me
18:49 Ticket #3996 (Unexpected silent conversion of several AutoIt types when used as keys ...) created by anonymous
(this applies to all versions from to In maps, when …
17:24 Ticket #3994 (AutoIT crashes in IsDeclared if $vVar is not declared) closed by Jpm
No Bug: Ok I close it
17:21 Ticket #3995 (Maps abort with negative integers as keys) created by anonymous
Since the first time maps got introduced, the types supported as keys …
11:02 Ticket #3992 (_WinAPI_DwmSetWindowAttribute() remove child proofing) closed by Jpm
Fixed: Fixed by revision [13037] in version:


13:32 Ticket #3994 (AutoIT crashes in IsDeclared if $vVar is not declared) created by torchrish@…
#include-once #include <AutoItConstants.au3> If IsDeclared($vVar) <> …


16:44 Ticket #3993 (_WinAPI_SetWindowTheme() - remove limits) created by argumentum
Trying to change a color on a checkbox control I needed to remove the …


14:41 Ticket #3990 (_IsPressed() add "indicate whether the key has been pressed since the ...) closed by Jpm
Completed: Added by revision [13032] in version:
09:50 Ticket #3992 (_WinAPI_DwmSetWindowAttribute() remove child proofing) created by argumentum <argumentum@…>
_WinAPI_DwmSetWindowAttribute() does not come with an example so is …


08:53 Ticket #3991 (_SQLite_ForeignKeys) closed by Jpm
Completed: Added by revision [13030] in version:
00:11 Ticket #3989 (SplashOff() not being parsed correctly by SyntaxCheck Prod and Tidy) closed by Jpm
Wont Fix
00:10 Ticket #3982 (_ClipPutFile should not free memory) closed by Jpm
Works For Me: Sorry I will close and except another Ticket with a script repro


15:21 Ticket #3991 (_SQLite_ForeignKeys) created by Andreik
Foreign keys are supported by default by pretty much all important …
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