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    1 == Guidelines for any ticket type: ==
     1Below are guidelines for creating a new ticket.  Please read these guidelines and if you are unsure please read [wiki:WikiStart here] for additional information.
     3=== Guidelines for any ticket type: ===
    24 * Search the issue tracker to see if the ticket has already been discussed.
    35 * Search the forum to see if the issuer has been discussed there.
    46 * Do not create a new ticket because an old ticket was closed.  Reply to the old ticket if you have additional information and the developers will make the determination if the ticket should be re-opened.
    6 == Guidelines for reporting bugs: ==
     8=== Guidelines for reporting bugs: ===
    79 * If you are asking a question you do not have a bug to report, use the [ forum] to ask questions.
    810 * You must provide a short test script that reproduces the problem.  The bare minimum code necessary to reproduce the problem.
    1012 * Please choose the correct version and component for the ticket.
    12 == Guidelines for requesting features: ==
     14=== Guidelines for requesting features: ===
    1315 * Ensure the idea isn't on the list of [wiki:AutoItNotOnToDoList things we won't do].
    1416 * Please do not set a version for the ticket.  Clear the field before submitting.