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    2121 * A short script that reproduces the issue.  The developers don't care what you're trying to do that lead you to discover the bug.  They only care about the bug itself so show only that.
    2222 * If the reproduction script requires an external program in order to replicate the bug then try to find alternatives.  Try to demonstrate the bug using an AutoIt GUI instead of an external application.  Try to favor an application that comes standard with Windows.  As a last resort try to find an easy to obtain and install application that demonstrates the issue.  The more complex it is to reproduce a bug the less likely the developers are to spend their time working on it.
    23  * Show us the output from the _DebugBugReportEnv() function.  It's documented in the help file.  The following script will put the string onto the clipboard which you can then paste into your ticket.
     23 * Show the output from the _DebugBugReportEnv() function.  The following script can be used to put the information from that function onto the clipboard.  You can then paste it into your bug report.  This information will help the developers ensure that the problem isn't due to Windows itself.
    2525#include <Debug.au3>