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    1313 * When creating a ticket please do not set the Milestone value.  The Milestone value is for developer use only.  The developers set the Milestone when they close a ticket that involves some sort of modification to !AutoIt.  The Milestone the developers set is the '''future''' release of !AutoIt where the bug is fixed or the feature is added.  This may be a version that has not yet been released.
    1414 * When creating a ticket please do not set the Blocking flag.  The Blocking flag is for developer use only.  The developers set the Blocking flag when they have open tickets they want to ensure are resolved before the next major release.  What gets considered for blocking is entirely up to the developers and is not subject to discussion except amongst the developers.  Don't set the Blocking flag.
     15 * Do not demand priority for your issue.  People always suggest their issue should receive priority because it's important to them.  It's a waste of time to suggest priority and will just lead to your ticket being ignored for longer than it would have otherwise been.  It is up to the developers to choose what they want to work on and when it gets worked on.
    1516 * Do not argue about the resolution a ticket is given unless you can prove that closing the ticket was a mistake.
    1617 * '''Do not ask for support.'''  This is for bug reports and feature requests only.  See the [ Autoit forum] to ask for support.
    17  * When creating a ticket, post '''all''' the relevant information in the ticket.  If you want to link to the forum so we can see the discussion on the issue that's fine.  But do not just link to the forum and expect us to read through a thread to find all the information.  Tickets should stand on their own and links to the forum should only contain extra and unnecessary data.
     18 * Tickets should be stand-alone.  They should contain all the information necessary to reproduce the issue without the need for links to the forum.  It is acceptable to link to the forum so the developers may see the discussion that lead to the discovery of the bug.  However, linking to the forum without extricating the pertinent information and using that to create the ticket will result in the ticket being ignored and closed.
    1920== How to report bugs ==