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Converts a binary variant into a string. Adapted from AutoIt docs.


$str = BinaryToString(expr [, flag])


exprInput to be converted to string.
flagChanges how the expression is converted.(Optional)


1(Default). Binary data is considered ANSI.
2Binary data is considered UTF16 Little Endian.
3Binary data is considered UTF16 Big Endian.
4Binary data is considered UTF8.

Return Value

Returns a string.

Unlike String() which returns a hexidecimal representation of binary data, this function will assume the binary data is a string value and convert it appropriately.


Binary ANSI to String

 $buffer = StringToBinary("Hello - ä½ å¥½")
 MsgBox(4096, "String() representation" , $buffer)  
 ; output 0x48656C6C6F202D20E4BD20E5A5BD
 $buffer = BinaryToString($buffer)
 MsgBox(4096, "BinaryToString() ANSI representation" , $buffer) 
 ; output "Hello - ä½ å¥½"

Binary UTF16-LE to String 
<syntaxhighlight lang="autoit">
 $buffer = StringToBinary("Hello - ä½ å¥½", 2)
 MsgBox(4096, "String() representation" , $buffer)  
 ; output 0x480065006C006C006F0020002D002000E400BD002000E500A500BD00
 $buffer = BinaryToString($buffer, 2)
 MsgBox(4096, "BinaryToString() UTF16-LE representation" , $buffer) 
 ; output "Hello - ä½ å¥½"

Binary UTF16-BE to String

 $buffer = StringToBinary("Hello - ä½ å¥½", 3)
 MsgBox(4096, "String() representation" , $buffer)  
 ; output 0x00480065006C006C006F0020002D002000E400BD002000E500A500BD
 $buffer = BinaryToString($buffer, 3)
 MsgBox(4096, "BinaryToString() UTF16-BE representation" , $buffer) 
 ; output "Hello - ä½ å¥½"

Binary UTF8 to String

 $buffer = StringToBinary("Hello - ä½ å¥½", 4)
 MsgBox(4096, "String() representation" , $buffer)  
 ; output 0x48656C6C6F202D20C3A4C2BD20C3A5C2A5C2BD
 $buffer = BinaryToString($buffer, 4)
 MsgBox(4096, "BinaryToString() UTF8 representation" , $buffer) 
 ; output "Hello - ä½ å¥½"

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