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THIS PAGE IS WORK IN PROGRESS (Takes shape and form only after changing the version of IPB.).


This is a list of frequently asked questions - about using the forum.

Where I can read about forum rules and netiquette rules ?

Forum rules

You can read about forum rules here.

Announcements and site news

Additional information about forum you can read here.

Netiquette rules

Here you cnan read about a proper forum etiquette.

How can I post "code" on the forum ?

How can I post screenshot or file on the forum ?


some description - "work in progress"


some description - "work in progress"

How can I search on the forum ?

Simple searching

some description - "work in progress"

Advanced searching

Click the magnifying glass symbol, located in the upper right corner, under login. some description - "work in progress"

Predefined searching

Just press "New content" button (is below the "Search")

Other questions

How to use member name as link

Just type @name it should pop up a list of members matching typed name

Friends <> Followers ?