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This page is still a work in progress.

Takes shape and form only after changing the version of IPB.


This is a list of frequently asked questions - about using the forum.

Where can I read about forum rules and forum etiquette?

Forum rules

You can read about forum rules here.

You can also read Chat Rules here.

Announcements and site news

Additional information about forum you can read here.

Forum etiquette

Here you can read about a proper forum etiquette.

Creating/editing/answering - daily usage

How can I post "code" on the forum ?

Also you can read more here.

How can I edit my post on the forum ?

File:IPB4 Editor AddCode Button.png|Click this "Edit" button on your own post

How can I setup my member profile ?

Where and how can I edit signature?

Please also read this Announcement


some description - "work in progress"

How can I post screenshot or file on the forum ?

First please read about posting here.


Make a screenshot, edit it in program like mspaint.exe, remove all unnecessary, undesirable, proprietary, illegal ...... contents. After that save it as file in jpg or png format.

And now you have to put this file to the forum in 2 easy steps.


Almost the same as adding a screenshot ;)

But remember to read about posting here.

How can I search on the forum ?

Simple searching

some description - "work in progress"

Advanced searching

Click the magnifying glass symbol, located in the upper right corner, under login. some description - "work in progress"

Predefined searching

Just press "New content" button (is below the "Search")

Other questions

How to use member name as link

Just type @name it should pop up a list of members matching typed name

Friends <> Followers ?

Why isn't my thread getting any replies ?

Please read this Wiki page: