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This page is still a work in progress.


This tutorial is about regular expressions as they are understood by AutoIt.

About then AutoIt regular expression implementation

Before and after the PCRE implementation. StringRegExp StringRegExpReplace

Why learn and use regular expressions?

Some simple samples

Using regular classes

Creating classes

Using groups

Collection of working samples

Extracting words:

$a = StringRegExp("Some words to extract", "[\w]+", 3)
_ArrayDisplay($a, "Extracted words")

Extracting lines:

$a = StringRegExp("Some words to extract", "(.*)", 3)
_ArrayDisplay($a, "Extracted lines")

Extracting comments:

Extracting comment groups:

Extracting sentences:

Tested, verified, and working on pretty much any sentences... Needs work on words spelled with punctuation symbols, such as Mr., Mrs. Can be handled prior to regex testing by changed to mister and misses.


Local $a 
$a = StringRegExp($data, "(['""\w\d\(\),\;\:\-\@\&\s]+(?:.\w+)?+[\.\!\?])", 3)
_ArrayDisplay($a, "Extracted lines")

Removing html tags:

AutoIt normalize variable declarations:

Collect Global, Local and Dim statements in selected code and create declaration code to be inserted as a group in the file TODO: Not tested!

Local $a 
$a = StringRegExp($data, "\s*(Global|Local|Dim)(\s+$\w+)", 3)
_ArrayDisplay($a, "Extracted lines")

Other resources

Links to other resources or forum topics regarding the use of regular expressions in AutoIt. Forum beginners tutorial by (TODO: @??? can't find it at the moment), really nice and well written.