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(Graphics and image: added OpenGL UDFs (2.0))
(Microsoft Office Automation: added PowerPoint Wrapper UDF)
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* [http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=34302 ExcelCOM UDF] Yet Another -- ExcelCOM UDF
* [http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=34302 ExcelCOM UDF] Yet Another -- ExcelCOM UDF
* [http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=50254 PowerPoint Wrapper] It allows you to have control of MS PowerPoint.
== Hardware ==
== Hardware ==

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This page is a listing of libraries of user defined functions (UDF). These libraries have been written to allow easy integration into your own scripts and are a very valuable resource for any programmer.


  • Java UDF - Creates an access bridge between your application and a Java application. Allowing you to automate some Java applications.
  • SAP - SAP business management automation.
  • SAPWizard - SAPWizard.UDF.
  • WiFi - Low level control over your wireless LAN
  • Active Directory - Extensive library to control and manipulate the Windows active directory. Link to the documentation pages.
  • Service - Build your own service with AutoIt code.
  • GTK+ - GTK+ Framework | Widgets
  • IUIAutomation MS framework - IUIAutomation MS framework automate chrome, FF, IE, ....


  • Internet Explorer - Everything about Internet explorer can be automated with the IE library supplied with a standard AutoIt install.
  • HTMLDocumentEvents UDF - Track IE document events
  • IEJS UDF - IEJS - IE Javascript options, an IE.au3 personal extension
  • Firefox - A little less support for automation than IE, but still very good.
  • Opera - The same as above for Opera. Automate the most common tasks in Opera with the Opera UDF.
  • Chrome - The same as above for Google Chrome. Automate the most common tasks in Chrome with the Chrome UDF.
  • NavInfo UDF - With this UDF now you can check if a specified browser/software is installed an you are also able to get what version is in used..

Microsoft Office Automation


Information gathering

Databases and web connections

  • SQLite - "SQLite is a library that implements a self-contained, embeddable, zero-configuration SQL database engine"
  • XML DOM Wrapper - Supports CRUD operations on XML. Including XSL and XPath.
  • MySQL - MySQL relational database management system UDF.
  • MySQL - MySQL UDFs (without ODBC).
  • DBF - dBase database read and write with DLL.
  • EzMySql - EzMySql UDF - Use MySql Databases with autoit.
  • MS SQL - MSSQL.au3
  • MS SQL - _SQL.au3. ADODB.Connection
  • ADODB - ADODB Example

Internet protocol suite

  • WinHTTP - Enables scripts to access the HTTP protocol for creating GET and POST requests and submitting them with conforming standards, cookies not supported.
  • WinInet - Enables scripts to access standard Internet protocols, such as FTP, Gopher and HTTP. Also supports creating GET and POST requests and submitting them with conforming standards, cookies supported.
  • POP3 - POP3 library for retrieving email messages. Not compatible with Gmail because it uses SSL.
  • POP3 SSL - A POP3 library that's compatible with Gmail. It uses an external executable that must be supplied with your script.
  • IRC - A lightweight library for communicating with IRC servers.
  • SFTP - UDF to support SFTP protocol using PSFTP.
  • JSON - RFC4627 compliant JSON encode/decode
  • JSON - JSMN - A Non-Strict JSON UDF
  • JSON - Bridge to Native Windows JSON plus OO extension for AutoIt
  • cURL - cURL UDF - a UDF for transferring data with URL syntax
  • SNMP UDF - SNMP_UDF for SNMPv1 and SNMPv2c
  • SNMP - MIB protocol (Reading toner status from SNMP device with WMI).
  • IRC IRC UDF made by Chip
  • IRC IRC UDF - Updated Version of Chips' IRC UDF.
  • UPnP Protocol - UPnP : Read and Control your devices in side out.
  • Prowl - Prowl UDF.
  • IMAP - IMAP.
  • SSH UDF - This UDF allows to use the SSH protocol very easily in your code.
  • SMTP - Smtp Mailer That Supports Html And Attachments.

Data compression

  • zip - Create ZIP files and unpack ZIP files.
  • 7z, zip, gzip, bzip2, tar - More extensive library than the one above. Uses a external DLL that must be provided with the script.
  • XZip - UDF for "XStandard XZIP Component".
  • ZIP - ZIP.au3 UDF in pure AutoIt.
  • UnRAR - UnRAR.au3.
  • zLib - zLib (Deflate/Inflate/GZIP) UDF
  • ZIP - ZIP STRUCTS UDF (from scratch)
  • pZip - PureZIP_L library UDF
  • Zip plugin - Zip plugin
  • LZMA Compression UDF - LZMA Compression UDF
  • LZMA - LZMA (Native Windows) by trancexx
  • Package UDF - Package UDF

Encryption and hash



Graphics and image

  • IrrLicht - A 3D graphics engine suitable for creating games.
  • au3Irrlicht2 - Another UDF bringing Irrlicht and au3 together. Historically some kind of a follower of the UDF above, technically with a complete different approach.
  • Bitmap Library - Bitmap Library.
  • OpenGL UDF - OpenGL without external libraries
  • ImageGetInfo - This is an UDF for reading info from JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG and GIF - size, color depth, resolution etc. For JPEG files UDF also retreive various Exif information.
  • OpenGL UDFs (2.0) - new set of UDFs for OpenGL + AutoIt


GUI Additions

  • XSkin - A large library that allows skinning of your GUI and to apply custom skins.
  • Uskin - A library that allows a user to skin their application GUI using the Windows .MSstyles files.
  • Modern tray menu - Allows the creation of modern, fancy GUI and tray menus with icons and colors.
  • SetOnEvent - Provides an easy way for an event to call functions with parameters.
  • GUIFrame - Divide a GUI into adjustable frames.
  • Easy Scrollbars - Easily create scrollable sections in your GUI
  • GUICtrlOnChangeRegister - Call a function when an edits content is changed.
  • ContextHelp.au3 - Management of context help (original)
  • GUIExtender - Expand and contract sections of your GUI. (original)
  • ExtMsgBox - A very customisable replacement for MsgBox
  • Toast - Small message GUIs which pop out of the Systray
  • GUI Panel UDF - Manage child GUIs as panel ctrls
  • Pie chart - Pie chart
  • 3D Pie chart - 3D Pie chart


  • Graph control UDF - Easily create and show bar chart and line charts.
  • GUICtrlCreateFinder - Allows you to create a window finder control like the one seen in AutoIt Window Info.
  • GUIPager - Create and control native pager controls.
  • Hotkey input control - Hotkeys Input Control UDF Library (Non-native)
  • GUIHotkey - UDF for using native hotkey controls.
  • Marquees - Make tickertape info bars
  • Colorpicker - Create a button for the user to select a color.
  • Syslink - Provides a convenient way to embed hypertext links in a window
  • Progressbar with GDIplus - You even can use full textured images
  • Table UDF - Table UDF
  • Table UDF - GUI/Tray Menu with icons and colors
  • Table UDF - GUI/Tray Menu with icons and colors (modified by LarsJ with extra examples by LarsJ and AZJIO)
  • Ribbon - UDF for Windows Ribbon framework.
  • GUITreeViewEx - Check/clear parent and child checkboxes in a TreeView






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