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This page is a listing of libraries of user defined functions (UDF). These libraries have been written to allow easy integration into your own scripts and are a very valuable resource for any programmer. This list is probably not complete, but constantly supplemented. If you do not find a solution here, ask a new question on the forum.



  • Chrome (by seangriffin) - The same as above for Google Chrome. Automate the most common tasks in Chrome with the Chrome UDF.
  • Firefox (by Stilgar) - A little less support for automation than IE, but still very good.
  • HTMLDocumentEvents (by SmOke_N) - Track IE document events.
  • IEJS (by SmOke_N) - IEJS - IE Javascript options, an IE.au3 personal extension.
  • Internet Explorer (by DaleHohm et al.) - Everything about Internet explorer can be automated with the IE library supplied with a standard AutoIt install.
  • NavInfo (by Nessie) - With this UDF you can check if a specified browser/software is installed and which version is being used.
  • Opera (by MrCreatoR,) - The same as above for Opera. Automate the most common tasks in Opera with the Opera UDF.

Microsoft Office Automation

OpenOffice Automation


Information gathering

Databases and web connections

Internet protocol suite

  • cURL (by ... ) - cURL UDF - a UDF for transferring data with URL syntax.
  • IMAP (by ... ) - IMAP.
  • IMAP4 (by ... ) - IMAP4 UDF.
  • IRC (by ... ) - A lightweight library for communicating with IRC servers.
  • IRC (by ... ) IRC UDF - Updated Version of Chips' IRC UDF.
  • JSON (by ... ) - RFC4627 compliant JSON encode/decode.
  • JSON (by ... ) - JSMN - A Non-Strict JSON UDF.
  • JSON (by ... ) - Bridge to Native Windows JSON plus OO extension for AutoIt.
  • POP3 (by Apzo ) - POP3 library for retrieving email messages. Not compatible with Gmail because it uses SSL.
  • _POP3_Ex (by mLipok ) POP3 UDF According to the 1939 RFC, modified version with Quoted Printable decoder.
  • POP3 SSL (by ... ) - A POP3 library that's compatible with Gmail. It uses an external executable that must be supplied with your script.
  • Prowl (by ... ) - Prowl UDF.
  • SFTP (by ... ) - UDF to support SFTP protocol using PSFTP.
  • SMTP (by ... ) - Smtp Mailer That Supports Html And Attachments.
  • SNMP (by ... ) - SNMP_UDF for SNMPv1 and SNMPv2c.
  • SNMP - MIB protocol (by ... ) (Reading toner status from SNMP device with WMI).
  • SSH (by ... ) - This UDF allows to use the SSH protocol very easily in your code.
  • UPnP Protocol (by ... ) - UPnP : Read and Control your devices in side out.
  • WinHTTP (by ... ) - Enables scripts to access the HTTP protocol for creating GET and POST requests and submitting them with conforming standards, cookies not supported.
  • WinInet (by ... ) - Enables scripts to access standard Internet protocols, such as FTP, Gopher and HTTP. Also supports creating GET and POST requests and submitting them with conforming standards, cookies supported.
  • TCPServer (by ... ) - multi client, event-based, able to bind console app to socket.

Data compression

Encryption and hash



Graphics and image


GUI Additions







Social Media and other Website API