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The Word UDF offers functions to control and manipulate Microsoft Word documents.

Script breaking changes after AutoIt version

New versions of Microsoft Office have been released since the last changes were made to the Word UDF. New file types and new functions needed to be supported, hence the UDF was complete rewritten.

Some functions/parameters have been removed or renamed, new functions/parameters have been added. A detailed list of changes can be found here.


All function names have been changed from _Word* to _Word_*.

In the following sections you will find some example scripts how to mimic the behaviour of the "old" UDF for some removed functions/parameters. If there is no entry for a removed function/parameter then there is no need for this functionality.

@extended no longer contains the number of the invalid parameter. The code returned in @error tells exactly what went wrong.

Function _WordCreate/_Word_Create

It's mandatory now to call function _Word_Create. You could use _WordCreate or _WordAttach in the old Word UDF. @extended is set if Word was already running

Function _WordDocPropertyGet/-

Parameter xx

Function _WordDocPropertySet/-

Function _WordMacroRun/-

A macro can now be run by a single line:

Global $oWord = _Word_Create() 
Global $oDoc = _Word_DocOpen($oWord, @ScriptDir & "\test.doc", Default, Default, False) 

Function _WordPropertyGet/-

Function _WordPropertySet/-