Function Reference


Creates a customizable image popup window.

SplashImageOn ( "title", "file" [, width [, height [, x pos [, y pos [, opt]]]]] )


title Title for splash window.
file full path\filename of image (BMP, GIF, or JPG)
width [optional] width of window in pixels. (default is 500)
height [optional] height of window in pixels. (default is 400)
x pos [optional] position from left (in pixels) of splash window. (default is centered)
y pos [optional] position from top (in pixels) of splash window. (default is centered)
opt [optional] Default is 'always on top/with title'
Add up the following options you want:
    $DLG_NOTITLE (1) = borderless, titleless window
    $DLG_NOTONTOP (2) = Without "always on top" attribute
    $DLG_MOVEABLE (16) = Window can be moved

Constants are defined in AutoItConstants.au3.

Return Value



To skip an optional parameter, leaving its default value intact, use a value of -1.

The image is scaled to specified width and height and should be a Bitmap, GIF, or JPEG image. Icons (ICOs) will not display, though the window still appears. PNG images throw an error message of failing to load, and so do invalid files/paths.

Images are not embedded in the executable unless you use FileInstall()

Only one SplashImage/Text window is allowed at one time; so if you wish to cycle through multiple images/text, simply call SplashImageOn()/SplashTextOn() again with the new information.

Splash with opt=1 cannot be moved and cannot be activated by click.


SplashOff, SplashTextOn


Local $sDestination = "..\GUI\mslogo.jpg"

SplashImageOn("Splash Screen", $sDestination, 250, 50)