Function Reference


Creates a tooltip anywhere on the screen.

ToolTip ( "text" [, x [, y [, "title" [, icon = 0 [, options]]]]] )


text The text of the tooltip. (An empty string clears a displaying tooltip)
x [optional] The x position of the tooltip.
y [optional] The y position of the tooltip.
title [optional] The title for the tooltip Requires IE5+
icon [optional] Pre-defined icon to show next to the title: Requires a title.
0 = No icon, 1 = Info icon, 2 = Warning icon, 3 = Error Icon
options [optional] Sets different options for how the tooltip will be displayed (Can be added together):
    1 = Display as Balloon Tip Requires IE5+
    2 = Center the tip at the x,y coordinates instead of using them for the upper left corner.
    4 = Force the tooltip to always be visible confining it to monitor borders if necessary. If multiple monitors are used, then the tooltip will "snap-to" the nearest monitor.

Return Value

Success: 1.
Failure: 0 when title length is greater than 99.


To skip an optional parameter, leaving its default value intact, use the Default keyword.

If the x and y coordinates are omitted, the tip is placed near the mouse cursor.
A Tooltip will appear until the script terminates or ToolTip("") is called.
You may use @CR or @LF to create multi-line tooltips.
To display an icon, you must specify a non-empty title. The icon appears on the same row as the title and thus requires a title to be present.
If using the center flag, the center of the tooltip will be at the coordinates specified. If using the center flag with a Balloon Tip, the stem will be centered on the balloon and will point to the coordinates specified.


MsgBox(), SplashTextOn(), TrayTip()


; This will create a tooltip in the upper left of the screen

ToolTip("This is a tooltip", 0, 0)
Sleep(2000) ; Sleep to give tooltip time to display