Function Reference


Sets the state of the specified menu item's check mark attribute to either selected or clear

#include <GuiMenu.au3>
_GUICtrlMenu_CheckMenuItem ( $hMenu, $iItem [, $bCheck = True [, $bByPos = True]] )


$hMenu Handle of the menu
$iItem Identifier or position of the menu item to check
$bCheck [optional] True to set the check mark, False to remove it
$bByPos [optional] Menu identifier flag:
    True - $iItem is a 0-based item position
    False - $iItem is a menu item identifier

Return Value

Success: the previous state of the menu item (either $MF_CHECKED or $MF_UNCHECKED).
Failure: -1.


An item in a menu bar cannot have a check mark. The $iItem parameter identifies a item that opens a submenu or a command item.
For an item that opens a submenu, the $Item parameter must specify the position of the item.
For a command item, the $Item parameter can specify either the item's position or its identifier.



See Also

Search CheckMenuItem in MSDN Library.


#include <GUIConstantsEx.au3>
#include <GuiMenu.au3>


Func Example()
        Local $hGUI, $hFile, $hEdit, $hHelp, $hMain
        Local Enum $e_idNew = 1000, $e_idOpen, $e_idSave, $e_idExit, $e_idCut, $e_idCopy, $e_idPaste, $e_idAbout

        ; Create GUI
        $hGUI = GUICreate("Menu", 400, 300)

        ; Create File menu
        $hFile = _GUICtrlMenu_CreateMenu()
        _GUICtrlMenu_InsertMenuItem($hFile, 0, "&New", $e_idNew)
        _GUICtrlMenu_InsertMenuItem($hFile, 1, "&Open", $e_idOpen)
        _GUICtrlMenu_InsertMenuItem($hFile, 2, "&Save", $e_idSave)
        _GUICtrlMenu_InsertMenuItem($hFile, 3, "", 0)
        _GUICtrlMenu_InsertMenuItem($hFile, 4, "E&xit", $e_idExit)

        ; Create Edit menu
        $hEdit = _GUICtrlMenu_CreateMenu()
        _GUICtrlMenu_InsertMenuItem($hEdit, 0, "&Cut", $e_idCut)
        _GUICtrlMenu_InsertMenuItem($hEdit, 1, "C&opy", $e_idCopy)
        _GUICtrlMenu_InsertMenuItem($hEdit, 2, "&Paste", $e_idPaste)

        ; Create Help menu
        $hHelp = _GUICtrlMenu_CreateMenu()
        _GUICtrlMenu_InsertMenuItem($hHelp, 0, "&About", $e_idAbout)

        ; Create Main menu
        $hMain = _GUICtrlMenu_CreateMenu()
        _GUICtrlMenu_InsertMenuItem($hMain, 0, "&File", 0, $hFile)
        _GUICtrlMenu_InsertMenuItem($hMain, 1, "&Edit", 0, $hEdit)
        _GUICtrlMenu_InsertMenuItem($hMain, 2, "&Help", 0, $hHelp)

        ; Set window menu
        _GUICtrlMenu_SetMenu($hGUI, $hMain)

        ; Check About menu item
        _GUICtrlMenu_CheckMenuItem($hHelp, 0)

        ; Loop until the user exits.
        Until GUIGetMsg() = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE
EndFunc   ;==>Example