Function Reference


Creates a ToolTip control

#include <GuiToolTip.au3>
_GUIToolTip_Create ( $hWnd [, $iStyle = $_TT_ghTTDefaultStyle] )


$hWnd Handle to the window that will own the tool tip control. See remarks.
$iStyle [optional] ToolTip style:
$TTS_ALWAYSTIP (0x01)- Indicates that the ToolTip control appears when the cursor is on a tool even if the ToolTip control's owner window is inactive. Without this style, the ToolTip appears only when the tool's owner window is active.
$TTS_NOPREFIX (0x02) - Prevents the system from stripping the ampersand character from a string. Without this style the system automatically strips ampersand characters. This allows an application to use the same string as both a menu item and as text in a ToolTip control.
$TTS_NOANIMATE (0x10) - Disables sliding ToolTip animation.
$TTS_NOFADE (0x20) - Disables fading ToolTip animation.
$TTS_BALLOON (0x40) - Indicates that the ToolTip control has the appearance of a cartoon "balloon"
$TTS_CLOSE (0x80) - Displays a close icon so that the tooltip can be cancelled
Default: $_TT_ghTTDefaultStyle = BitOr($TTS_ALWAYSTIP, $TTS_NOPREFIX)

Return Value

Success: The handle to the Tooltip control.
Failure: 0.


$hWnd is usually set to zero (0), or a handle to the parent or owner window of the window being created. To create a child window or an owned window, supply a valid window handle.




#include <GUIConstantsEx.au3>
#include <GUIToolTip.au3>


Func Example()
        Local $hGUI = GUICreate(StringTrimRight(@ScriptName, StringLen(".exe")), 270, 200)

        Local $idButton_Add = GUICtrlCreateButton("Add", 30, 32, 75, 25)
        Local $hButton_Add = GUICtrlGetHandle($idButton_Add)

        Local $idButton_Clear = GUICtrlCreateButton("Clear", 30, 72, 75, 25)
        Local $hButton_Clear = GUICtrlGetHandle($idButton_Clear)

        Local $idMylist = GUICtrlCreateList("Item 1", 120, 32, 121, 97)
        Local $hMylist = GUICtrlGetHandle($idMylist)

        Local $idButton_Close = GUICtrlCreateButton("Exit button", 80, 150, 110, 28)
        Local $hButton_Close = GUICtrlGetHandle($idButton_Close)

        ; Create 2 tooltip controls
        Local $hToolTip1 = _GUIToolTip_Create(0, BitOR($_TT_ghTTDefaultStyle, $TTS_BALLOON)); balloon style tooltip
        Local $hToolTip2 = _GUIToolTip_Create(0) ; default style tooltip
        _GUIToolTip_SetMaxTipWidth($hToolTip2, 100) ; this allows multiline tooltips to be used with $hToolTip2
        ; add tools to the tooltip controls
        _GUIToolTip_AddTool($hToolTip1, 0, "Adds an item to the list", $hButton_Add)
        _GUIToolTip_AddTool($hToolTip1, 0, "Exit the script", $hButton_Close)
        _GUIToolTip_AddTool($hToolTip1, 0, "The listbox", $hMylist)
        _GUIToolTip_AddTool($hToolTip2, 0, "Clears the list", $hButton_Clear)
        _GUIToolTip_AddTool($hToolTip2, 0, "Multiline tooltip" & @CRLF & "for the GUI", $hGUI) ; Multiline ToolTip

        While 1
                Switch GUIGetMsg()
                        Case $idButton_Add
                                GUICtrlSetData($idMylist, 'The Add button was pressed"|')
                        Case $idButton_Clear
                                GUICtrlSetData($idMylist, '')
                        Case $idButton_Close, $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE
        ; Destroy the tooltip controls
EndFunc   ;==>Example