Function Reference


Converts an icon to a 32 bits-per-pixel format and copies to the new icon

#include <WinAPIIcons.au3>
_WinAPI_Create32BitHICON ( $hIcon [, $bDelete = False] )


$hIcon Handle to the icon to be converted.
$bDelete [optional] Specifies whether to delete the icon after the function is successful, valid values:
    True - Icon will be deleted if the function succeeds.
    False - Do not delete, you must release the icon themselves when you are finished using it (Default).

Return Value

Success: Handle to the newly created icon.
Failure: 0 and sets the @error flag to non-zero.


This function converts an icon with any color depth into an icon with 32 bits-per-pixel (RGB + Alpha) format.
If the source icon already is a 32 bits-per-pixel icon, and has an alpha chanel, the function generates the new AND bitmask bitmap, and copies it to a new icon.
If the source icon has a 32 bits-per-pixel color depth, and do not have an alpha chanel, the function creates an alpha chanel from its AND bitmask.
If the source icon is non 32 bits-per-pixel icon, it will be converted into a 32 bits-per-pixel format with alpha chanel.
The _WinAPI_Create32BitHICON() always creates an icon with alpha channel and AND bitmask, although it is not used to display icons that contain an alpha channel.

Note that to display the fully transparent icons used only its AND bitmask, not the alpha channel.
Therefore, its XOR and AND bitmasks will remain unchanged.

When you are finished using the icon, destroy it using the _WinAPI_DestroyIcon() function.