Function Reference


Updates the specified multiple-window-position structure for the specified window

#include <WinAPISysWin.au3>
_WinAPI_DeferWindowPos ( $hInfo, $hWnd, $hAfter, $iX, $iY, $iWidth, $iHeight, $iFlags )


$hInfo Handle to a multiple-window-position structure that contains size and position information for one or more windows. This structure is returned by _WinAPI_BeginDeferWindowPos() or by the most recent call to _WinAPI_DeferWindowPos().
$hWnd Handle to the window for which update information is stored in the structure.
All windows in a multiple-window-position structure must have the same parent.
$hAfter Handle to the window that precedes the positioned window in the Z order.
This parameter must be a window handle or one of the following values. This parameter is ignored if the $SWP_NOZORDER flag is set in the $iFlags parameter.
$iX The x-coordinate of the window's upper-left corner.
$iY The y-coordinate of the window's upper-left corner.
$iWidth The window's new width, in pixels.
$iHeight The window's new height, in pixels.
$iFlags A combination of the following values that affect the size and position of the window.

Return Value

Success: The return value identifies the updated multiple-window-position structure.
Failure: 0, call _WinAPI_GetLastError() to get extended error information.

See Also

Search DeferWindowPos in MSDN Library.