Function Reference


Enables or disables Desktop Window Manager (DWM) composition

#include <WinAPIGdi.au3>
_WinAPI_DwmEnableComposition ( $bEnable )


$bEnable Specifies whether enable or disable DWM composition, valid values:
    True - Enable.
    False - Disable.

Return Value

Success: 1.
Failure: 0 and sets the @error flag to non-zero, @extended flag may contain the HRESULT error code.


Disabling DWM composition disables it for the entire desktop.
DWM composition will be automatically enabled when all processes that have disabled composition have called _WinAPI_DwmEnableComposition() to enable it or have been terminated.
The WM_DWMCOMPOSITIONCHANGED notification is sent when DWM composition has enabled or disabled.

This function requires Windows Vista or later.

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