Function Reference


Retrieves the value for a theme property from the documentation section of the specified theme file

#include <WinAPITheme.au3>
_WinAPI_GetThemeDocumentationProperty ( $sFilePath, $sProperty )


$sFilePath The name of the theme file that will be opened to query for the property.
$sProperty The name of the theme property to query. This parameter can be one of the following values.

Return Value

Success: The property string value.
Failure: Sets the @error flag to non-zero, @extended flag may contain the HRESULT error code.

See Also

Search GetThemeDocumentationProperty in MSDN Library.


#include <APIThemeConstants.au3>
#include <WinAPITheme.au3>

Local $aData = _WinAPI_GetCurrentThemeName()
If IsArray($aData) Then
    ConsoleWrite('File:    ' & $aData[0] & @CRLF)
    ConsoleWrite('Color:   ' & $aData[1] & @CRLF)
    ConsoleWrite('Size:    ' & $aData[2] & @CRLF)
    ConsoleWrite('Name:    ' & _WinAPI_GetThemeDocumentationProperty($aData[0], $SZ_THDOCPROP_CANONICALNAME) & @CRLF)
    ConsoleWrite('Display: ' & _WinAPI_GetThemeDocumentationProperty($aData[0], $SZ_THDOCPROP_DISPLAYNAME) & @CRLF)
    ConsoleWrite('Tooltip: ' & _WinAPI_GetThemeDocumentationProperty($aData[0], $SZ_THDOCPROP_TOOLTIP) & @CRLF)
    ConsoleWrite('Author:  ' & _WinAPI_GetThemeDocumentationProperty($aData[0], $SZ_THDOCPROP_AUTHOR) & @CRLF)