Function Reference


Retrieves the coordinates of the rectangle that completely encloses the update region of the specified window

#include <WinAPIGdi.au3>
_WinAPI_GetUpdateRect ( $hWnd [, $bErase = True] )


$hWnd Handle to the window whose update region is to be retrieved.
$bErase [optional] Specifies whether the background in the update region is to be erased, valid values:
True - The background is erased (Default).
False - The background remains unchanged.

Return Value

Success: $tagRECT structure that contains the coordinates of the enclosing rectangle, in device units.
Failure: Sets the @error flag to non-zero.


The update rectangle retrieved by the _WinAPI_BeginPaint() function is identical to that retrieved by

_WinAPI_BeginPaint() automatically validates the update region, so any call to _WinAPI_GetUpdateRect() made
    immediately after the call to _WinAPI_BeginPaint() retrieves an empty update region.

See Also

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