Function _WinNet_EnumResource

Function Reference


Continues an enumeration of network resources

#include <WinNet.au3>
_WinNet_EnumResource ( $hEnum, ByRef $iCount, $pBuffer, ByRef $iBufSize )


$hEnum Handle that identifies an enumeration instance. The handle is returned by the _WinNet_OpenEnum() function.
$iCount Number of entries requested. If the number requested is –1, the function returns as many entries as possible.
If the function succeeds, on return the variable contains the number of entries actually read.
$pBuffer Pointer to the buffer that receives the enumeration results.
The results are returned as an array of $tagNETRESOURCE structures.
The buffer must be large enough to hold the structures plus the strings to which their members point.
The buffer is valid until the next call using the handle specified by $hEnum.
The order of $tagNETRESOURCE structures in the array is not predictable.
$iBufSize The size of the buffer, in bytes.
If the buffer is too small to receive even one entry, this parameter receives the required size of the buffer.

Return Value

Success: True.
Failure: False.


$tagNETRESOURCE, _WinNet_OpenEnum

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