Function Reference


Starts an enumeration of network resources or existing connections

#include <WinNet.au3>
_WinNet_OpenEnum ( $iScope, $iType, $iUsage, $tResource, ByRef $hEnum )


$iScope Scope of the enumeration:
    0 - Enumerate all currently connected resources
    1 - Enumerate all resources on the network
    2 - Enumerate all remembered (persistent) connections
    3 - Enumerate only resources in the network context of the caller
$iType Resource types:
    0 - All resources
    1 - Disk resources
    2 - Print resources
$iUsage Resource usage types:
    0 - All resources
    1 - All connectable resources
    2 - All container resources
    4 - Forces the function to fail if the user is not authenticated
$tResource a $tagNETRESOURCE structure that specifies the container to enumerate or a pointer to it.
If $iScope is not 1, this must be 0.
If 0, the root of the network is assumed.
$hEnum On return, a handle that can be used in calls to _WinNet_EnumResource()

Return Value

Success: True.
Failure: False.


$tagNETRESOURCE, _WinNet_CloseEnum, _WinNet_EnumResource

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