Function Reference


GPIB BUS "reset": Use this function when the GPIB BUS gets stuck for some reason. You might be lucky and resolve the problem by calling this function

#include <Visa.au3>
_viGpibBusReset ( )

Return Value

Success: 0.
Failure: -1 if the VISA DLL could not be open
or a NON ZERO value representing the VISA error code (see the VISA programmer's guide)


As for all the VISA functions the VISA libraries must be installed (you can check whether visa32.dll is in {WINDOWS}\system32) and a GPIB card (such as a National Instruments NI PCI-GPIB card or an Agilent 82350B PCI High-Performance GPIB card) must be installed


_viClose, _viExecCommand, _viFindGpib, _viGTL, _viOpen


; This example tries to "reset" the GPIB bus after a BUS "lock". This is rare,
; but it might happen if one of the instruments connected to the BUS has crashed

#include <Visa.au3>