AutoIt Project Listing

The following is a list of all the AutoIt projects I still have on record. Some haven't been released, and some are from a time long before I knew how to program effectively. Still, always good to keep track of what I've been doing :)

Any issues such as broken links, or projects/snippets of mine that aren't here, pm me on the forum or email me at ku.oc.leseiDtt@M

Name Description Forum Link Download Link
SemVer.au3 Semantic Versioning Library 163631 SemVer
GUIFinder V2 A much improved UDF for making finder controls 130573
Graph theory Not just a proof of theory 125584 Download page
GUIListView.au3 additions Additional functions for using tile view 123470
CmdLine.au3 Making command line arguments easy 123438 N/A
Console.au3 WinAPI wrapper for using the console N/A Download page
Kinematics A simple 2D kinematics modeler N/A
StringRegExpReplaceCallback Like most languages :) 119374
HTTP Send with POST Using winhttp.winhttprequest.5.1 119346 N/A
NumToWord Converts digits to a human string. 117156 NumToWord.au3
AutoIt3 Interpreter The interpreter for AutoIt 114330 Download page
GUIPager.au3 Creation and handling of pager controls 111438
Polynomials functions Sorting, formatting, generating rtf + html etc. 108803
GUIHotkey.au3 107965
Binary Clock Seeing BillTheCreators made me wanna do this 106972
Set default text for an edit Surprisingly hard to explain... 106799
StringsInStr Find more than one string in a string. 106798
Quadratic solver More Maths :) 106319 Quadratic
GUICtrlCreateFinder An easy way to implement the Au3Info.exe Window finder. 105682
RegEx tester Yes, another one, but this ones got a few cool bits. 105666
GUICtrlOnChangeRegister For triggering events on edit+input changes. 105582 GUIOnChangeRegister.au3
Select Registry Key dialog _RegKeySelect 105321 RegKeySelect.au3
THE AutoIt tool. 105177 THE Autoit
Small Search Search you hard drive. 104982 Find.au3
SimpLISPity a very simple LISP interpreter in AutoIT! 104849
Quick Screener A simple way to take screenshots 104836 Quick
Easy Menu Creator Create menus using a treeview. 104743
Quick launcher for launching apps... Quickly 104588
fun with the taskbar! more examples of manipulating the taskbar. 104525
ini to reg converter for converting your scripts to use the registry rather than ini's 104384
GUIGetCur Finding the value of "-1" 104065 NA
Extra string functions more fun with StringRegExp 103830 StringFunctions.au3
Find a constant by its value. 103818
HTML tidier - "Possessing beauty" Yes, I now do requests. 103417
Extended Maths UDF BigInt + fibonacci + more! 103242
Popup Menu UDF For Creating and handling on hotkey context menus 103008
Spearmans Rank Correlation Coefficient Calculator Saves to excel spreadsheet 102925 Spearmans
_ArrayGetOrder New function, not quite sorting but close 102837 NA
Advanced rounding Options for significant figures, tie breaking etc... 102686 Advanced
Mini Calculator Version 2 new and very much improved. 102014
Enhanced Icons V1.1 + V2 by smashly + another version by corgano! Decrease the amount of icons on your desktop, and increase efficiency. 101866
root function Workaround for a common computing error. 98160 Root.au3
Sudoku solver Solves up to hard* using 3 methods. 98002
XP Logon dialog. So now you can log in when your not logged out!! 97508 NA
Script debugger... Just for on the fly debugging of scripts 97454 See TheAutoItTool for an upgraded version
_TaskBar.au3 Management of the taskbar and creation of items. 97323 Taskbar.au3
Mini calculator but extremely powerful and efficient! 97238 NA
Scientific form conversion I'm sure its somewhere, but heres mine. 97008 NA
Easy GUI makes your life easier. (For me anyhow...) 97005
base converter dlg I am sure you've seen them before... 96506
simple repetitive key sender. Just a little something I made to help me. 96131
_RegCheckSyntax A bit like the autoit checker, but for .reg files. 95658 RegCheckSyntax.au3
_FileSplitByLine For splitting text files by line not size. 95641 FileSplitByLine.au3
Ascii Table + insert dialog Another scrap you might want. 95509 InsertChar.au3
An insert date/time dialog Part of a project I'm doing, thought it might be useful. 95365 DateTimeDlg.au3
integer to roman numerals With variable parenthesis. 94770 IntToNumeral.au3
_UserExt - Logging in and out. Functions for auto logging in and out. 94609 UserExt.au3
Triangle Solver 2.0 re-make of monoceres' 94327
Binary digits stuff... Its been done before, heres mine... 93345 See BaseConverter for update
Creating File types and extensions + context menu items a couple of GUI's, + a whole load of functions! 93326
Quite a simple Password UDF Create Passwords and enter them... 93158 NA
A File Writing script writer I'm sure this has been made before, but can't find any. 93023 NA
Funky text - The program Released the function a while ago, here is the program for it. 92879 NA
Create a nice autoit icon on the desktop has special context menu stuff 92844 NA
Funky text! Don't say I didn't warn you. 92834 NA
Yet another screen capture tool! My take on making one.... 92285 See quick screener for updated version
Disabling System Tray Icons Using a simple script to edit registry entries. 90464 NA