Installing AutoIt3 and SciTE4AutoIt3

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Using AutoIt3 Production and (optional) Beta version together with SciTE4AutoIt3
  1. Download and install the latest AutoIt3 production version from here
    Select "Edit for Open" if you want your script to open in SciTE when you double click an .au3 file.
  2. (Optional) Download and install the latest AutoIt3 Beta version from here
  3. The Beta will be installed in ...\AutoIt3\Beta.
    Do check that the Beta version number is higher than the release version  - if not then there is no point in installing it.
  4. Download and install the latest SciTE4AutoIt3 from here
    This will install this modified version of SciTE in ...\AutoIt3\SciTE.

You are now ready to start editing scripts in SciTE4AutoIt3.  You might find these keyboard shortcuts useful initially (the full list is here):

If you have installed the Beta version then pressing the Alt key in addition will run the Beta versions of the executables.